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As Comcast's Web Services expand, we're introducing a single unified Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.  Our goal is to deliver a consistent experience across the Comcast Websites and Services and explain to you, in plain English and all in one place, how we will use information to deliver new products and features - for example, by providing you a single sign-on that allows you to access and use all the Comcast Web Services.  A single unified Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for our Web Services will give you easy access to clear and simple disclosure about our business practices so that you can understand how your information is used and make decisions about sharing your personal information with Comcast. 

The new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy only apply to the specific Comcast Web Services listed below.  Please note that the current Visitor Agreement and Privacy Statement on,¹ and your current Subscriber Agreement and the Customer Privacy Notice if you use Comcast Digital Cable, Digital Voice, High-Speed Internet services, XFINITY TV, XFINITY Internet, or XFINITY Voice are not changing at this time.²

While we've tried to use the clearest language possible, there are a few key terms that are used throughout the questions and answers that may need more detailed explanation.  Those terms are defined below:

  • "Comcast Web Services" means the Websites,,,,,, and, and the services and software available through them, such as your email, the Comcast iPhone application, the Toolbar, and the Plaxo address book management software.
  • "Personally Identifiable Information" or "PII" means information that identifies a specific person, such as the person's name, address, Social Security number, financial account number, or phone number.
  • "Non-Personally Identifiable Information" or "non-PII" means information that is aggregated or does not, by itself, identify a specific person, such as age, gender, or ZIP code, as long as that information is not used together with Personally Identifiable Information (such as a name).  Information that Comcast may record regarding a User's activity on the Comcast Web Services is considered Non-Personally Identifiable Information when it is recorded on an anonymous basis (for example, when Comcast records that three separate Users clicked on a certain link on, Comcast does not record who exactly those Users were).
  • "Comcast Customer" means a person who purchases ("subscribes to") Comcast Digital Cable, Digital Voice, High-Speed Internet XFINITY TV, XFINITY Internet, or XFINITY Voice services.
  • "User" means a person who uses a Comcast Web Service

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Q.  Do these new policies apply to me?
  The Web Services Terms of Service and Privacy Policy apply when you use,,, XFINITY TV, Plaxo, Tunerfish, and Chirp.  They also apply when you access Web Services through those Websites, including the Comcast iPhone application, the email, the SmartZone Communications Center, the Toolbar, or the Plaxo address book management software.  These policies do not apply to other Websites operated by Comcast companies, such as, or to the Digital Cable, Digital Voice, High-Speed Internet, XFINITY TV, XFINITY Voice, and XFINITY Internet services provided to Comcast Customers.  You can click on the links below to the Subscriber Agreement and Customer Privacy Notice for those services:

Q.  Why are the policies for Comcast's Web Services separate from the policies for my other Comcast services?
.   Comcast's Digital Cable, Digital Voice, High-Speed Internet, XFINITY TV, XFINITY Voice, and XFINITY Internet services operate differently than the Comcast Web Services.  In addition, these services are only available to Comcast Customers.  Comcast Web Services are available to both Comcast Customers and the general public.  In order to present the terms of use and privacy policy for these separate services in a clear and concise manner, we separated them.  There are also special questions, issues, or legal requirements that may affect certain of these individual services provided to Comcast Customers that may not be answered in detail in the general policies. 


Q.  Since there will be one set of terms and policies for multiple Comcast Web Services, will I automatically be registered for other Comcast Web Services I don't already use?  As an example, if I use, will I automatically get an XFINITY TV account?
No.  You will only have accounts on the Comcast Web Services for which you have chosen to activate your registration, or may choose to activate in the future. 


Q.  What does it mean to me for Comcast to be a licensee of the TRUSTe Privacy Program?
The TRUSTe seal confirms that Comcast participates in the TRUSTe Privacy Program.  TRUSTe is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to building users' trust and confidence in the Internet by promoting the use of fair information practices.  Comcast wants you to feel confident about your privacy when using our Websites, so we have TRUSTe review our most widely used Websites, and Plaxo, to be sure that we meet TRUSTe's standards and requirements for protecting Users' privacy.  We are working with TRUSTe to review other Comcast Websites as well.  You are always welcome to email us at if you have questions or concerns about our Web Services Privacy Policy and practices.  If you question is about privacy for the Websites or, you may also contact TRUSTe, which will try to help resolve your concerns. 

Privacy Policy

Q.  What information does the Web Services Privacy Policy cover?
  The Web Services Privacy Policy explains how information is collected by Comcast through the Comcast Web Services, and how that information is used.

Q.  What information is not covered by the Web Services Privacy Policy?
The Web Services Privacy Policy does not apply to information collected:

  • by Comcast from Comcast Customers through Comcast's Digital Cable, Digital Voice, High-Speed Internet, XFINITY TV, XFINITY Voice, and XFINITY Internet services;
  • through the XFINITY TV Store (; and
  • on co-branded sites that Comcast may provide, but which are operated by other companies (for example, the job search site found at and the dating site found at  These sites link to their own privacy policies. 

If you subscribe to Comcast's Digital Cable, Digital Voice, High-Speed Internet, XFINITY TV, XFINITY Voice, and XFINITY Internet services, you can see the Customer Privacy Notice that applies to these services at

If you purchase a movie or TV show through the XFINITY TV Store, you can see the privacy policy that applies to that purchase at

Q.  What will change in the new Web Services Privacy Policy?
  Our Web Services Privacy Policy consolidates the individual privacy policies of the Comcast Web Services and explains to you, in one place, how Comcast uses your information.  Comcast wants to make clear to you that under the new Web Services Privacy Policy:

  • No Personally Identifiable Information will be shared with other companies for advertising unless you tell us that you agree to share that information.
  • The Comcast companies that operate the Comcast Web Services may share your Personally Identifiable and Non-Personally Identifiable Information among themselves.
  • Comcast may share your Non-Personally Identifiable Information with other companies that Comcast trusts to help us provide content and advertising that is more interesting and relevant to our Users. 

Information Comcast Collects

Q.  What information does Comcast collect when I use the Comcast Web Services?
  Comcast collects the following information from you, but Comcast does not associate this information with your identity.  This information is collected whether or not you are registered to use the Comcast Web Services or have logged in:

  • Web Logs: Non-Personally Identifiable Information that is automatically generated by your computer as you use the Comcast Web Services, such as the Internet protocol (“IP”) header information that is automatically passed from your computer to the Comcast computer operating the Comcast Web Services.  This information may also include information about how you use the Comcast Web Services, such as a search term you enter on the Comcast Web Services. 
  • Preferences Data: Non-Personally Identifiable details and preferences that you can set to personalize a specific Comcast Web Service, like your ZIP code, age, gender, favorite genre to watch on television, and preferred type of news.

In addition, Comcast only collects the following information from you if you are a registered User of the Comcast Web Services:

  • Registration Data:  Comcast asks you to provide certain information when you create an account for the Comcast Web Services, such as your first and last name, a user name you may create, a password, email address, mailing address, phone number, and your gender, and date of birth.
  • Profile Data:  Comcast may ask you to provide additional information the first time you choose to access a specific Comcast Web Service, such as: additional contact email addresses, lists of people to connect with through certain Comcast Web Services, movie genre preferences, and whether you would like us to communicate with you about other Comcast products and services.
  • Activity Data: If you are a registered User and you are logged-in and using the Comcast Web Services, Comcast can associate what you do on the Comcast Web Services (such as flagging or rating news articles, movies, television shows or other content, posting blog entries or comments, and sharing URLs) with your registration information.

In addition to collecting information from you when you use the Comcast Web Services, Comcast may also obtain information about you from outside sources.  For example, we may request credit history information about you from credit agencies when you purchase certain Comcast services, or we may obtain commercially available demographic and marketing information about you from other companies.

How Comcast Uses Information

Q.  How does Comcast use my Personally Identifiable Information?
  This information is used to confirm that you are the person authorized to use certain Comcast Web Services or manage your account.  Comcast may also share Personally Identifiable Information among the Comcast companies that operate the Comcast Web Services and other Comcast services, like Comcast’s Digital Cable, Digital Voice, and High-Speed Internet services, in order to provide you with cross-platform services along with the Comcast Web Services.  For example, you must register with and subscribe to Comcast Digital Cable services in order to program your DVR via the Internet.   If you authorize Comcast to make Personally Identifiable Information available to other companies, such as social networking sites, we will provide that information to those sites—but only if you tell us to do so.  More on sharing information with social networking sites can be found below.

Q.  Does Comcast sell my Personally Identifiable Information to non-Comcast companies?

Q.  Does Comcast share my Personally Identifiable Information with non-Comcast companies?
  If you direct us to share your information with another Website or company (for example, a social networking site), we will do so.  Comcast may also permit some companies that Comcast hires to perform services on Comcast’s behalf to access certain information, but these companies are not permitted to keep this information or use it themselves.  They are required by contract with Comcast to use this information only to deliver the services they have been hired to perform, and they are required to keep all information about Comcast’s Users and Comcast’s services completely confidential.

Q.  Does Comcast share Non-Personally Identifiable Information with non-Comcast companies?
  Comcast may share anonymous information about the use of the Comcast Web Services with other companies for marketing purposes, and to analyze and improve the Comcast Web Services, but Comcast does not share your Personally Identifiable Information with marketing or analytics companies.   Comcast may share Non-Personally Identifiable information with companies that provide advertising on the Comcast Web Services, but Comcast does not give advertisers your Personally Identifiable Information.  More information on this is available below.

Q.  When is Comcast required by law to disclose Personally Identifiable Information?
  Comcast holds your privacy in the highest regard and makes every reasonable effort to protect your privacy.  However, we may be required by law to disclose Personally Identifiable Information or other information about you, with or without prior notice to you, to comply with a subpoena, court order, search warrant, or other valid legal process.

Q.  What do you mean when you say information is “anonymous” or “anonymized?”
  In order to protect our users’ privacy when, for example, we analyze how our Web Services and the advertisements we present are used, we may use information about how users behave on an “anonymous” or “anonymized basis.”   This means that while we may know that an individual user viewed advertisements or used services on a Website, we do not use that data together with the identity of that user.  We may substitute a “fake” or “random” identifier (a string of numbers or letters, for example) to help us distinguish one “anonymous” user from another without looking at names, email addresses or other information that immediately identifies someone.

Q:  Can information that has been “anonymized” ever be “de-anonymized” or  associated with a known individual?
   No system of “anonymizing” information is perfectly secure. Our commitment to you is that we will communicate how we will use information we collect from you and we will ask for your permission or make clear from the context of the Web Service you’re using when we collect Personally Identifiable Information . Our Privacy Policy explains more about how we collect and use Personally Identifiable Information.  It is always possible, however,  that a third party such as a Web site you visit or use or a software program you download,  will collect “anonymous” information and combine it with information they have collected elsewhere on the Internet under different terms and conditions from Comcast in order to try to piece together user identities. You should be aware of the privacy policy and other terms that apply to third party Web sites, programs, and other services and how they may use anonymous information.


Q.  Does Comcast share my information with advertisers?
  Comcast may provide Non-Personally Identifiable Information to companies that deliver ads to you on Comcast’s behalf.   Comcast will not provide your Personally Identifiable Information to these advertisers unless you expressly authorize us to do so.   Some advertising companies, including those that deliver advertising through the Comcast Web Services, may collect information about Web users across many Websites and Web Services.  You can opt out of their information collection by going to         

Q.  Will Comcast use any of my information for targeted advertising?  If so, what kind of information does Comcast use to decide which advertisements to show me?
  We may deliver targeted advertising to improve your online experience. This means you might see ads that are more relevant, and therefore more valuable, to you. 

We may show you ads that are customized based on your approximate geographic area, and the page that the ad is being viewed on. 

In addition, if you provide us with profile information when you register to use the Comcast Web Services, we may show you ads based on Non-Personally Identifiable data (general demographic characteristics) you provided when you registered, such as ZIP code or gender. 

Comcast, or third parties acting on our behalf, may also record and analyze your behavior across the Comcast Web Services in order to infer certain things about you, such as the type of car you might like to purchase, without identifying you.  We may show you ads that are customized based upon these inferences. 

Comcast also allows advertising networks (companies that deliver ads across a number of unrelated Websites) to deliver certain ads within the Comcast Web Services.  These advertising networks may use their own technology, such as cookies, to analyze user behavior across all of the Websites where that company shows ads.  While Comcast does not permit advertising networks to collect Personally Identifiable Information within the Comcast Web Services without User consent, Comcast does not control the ways in which advertising networks use or merge the information they collect about users across many Websites.  Comcast does provide you with a list of advertising networks it uses on its Web Services, and links to information about how to opt-out of those advertising network’s practices.  This list can be found at  

Q:  Does Comcast show me customized ads?
  Yes.  If you are a XFINITY Internet customer, Comcast currently shows you ads on that are customized based on your XFINITY Internet ZIP code.

Q:  Can I opt out from seeing customized ads from Comcast on
  Yes.  You can choose to opt out from seeing ads that have been customized to you based on your XFINITY Internet ZIP code (but not from seeing ads in general), by visiting and following the instructions there.

Q:  What happens if I opt out?
  If you choose to opt out, you'll still see ads, but these ads will not be customized.  If you choose to opt out, Comcast will store your choice on its servers.  This means that you won't see customized ads from Comcast while you're signed in to  Comcast will also store your choice on the computer that you opt out on.  For your choice to be effective on another computer, you must first log in to with that computer.  Please note, after your opt out for the first time, it may take up to 72 hours for your opt out to take effect. 

Q:  Can I opt out of seeing customized ads from Comcast's ad serving partners?
  Third-party advertising companies may present customized ads on the Comcast Sites based on information that these companies independently collect from cookies they place on your computer.  These companies collect and use information under their own privacy policies.  You can read each company's privacy policy and opt out of customized ads from our partners individually by visiting the table here:  Simply click on the links provided in the table and follow the instructions on each site.  Please note, to opt out of seeing customized ads from these companies, you will need to be on the computer where you use the Comcast Sites. 

Non-Comcast Social Networking Sites

Q.  Does Comcast share my information with non-Comcast social networking sites?
Comcast does not share your information with any non-Comcast social networking site without your explicit permission—in other words, unless you decide you want to share that information, and you direct us to make it available, we will not do so.  You may authorize other Internet sites such as MySpace or Facebook to access and publish information about you from one or more of Comcast’s Web Services.  For example, you may use a Facebook widget to collect and publish on your Facebook page information about the content you watch on XFINITY TV.  In addition, certain Comcast Web Services allow you to use your contact lists from sites like MySpace or Facebook to share information with others. 

Q.  How does Comcast confirm that I have given my permission for my information to be shared with these social networking sites?
There are two ways Comcast confirms that you have agreed to allow your information to be shared with a non-Comcast social networking site.  If you sign in to a Comcast Web Service using your credentials (name or user name and password) and use the features that share information with social networking sites, Comcast will follow your directions and allow the information to be shared.  The opposite is also true:   if one of these social networking sites contacts Comcast and provides the Comcast credentials you have supplied so that information can be shared (generally login and password), Comcast will treat this as your authorization to share the requested information. 

Q.  What happens to the information shared with social networking sites if I stop using Comcast Web Services?
You choose what content you want to share with other sites.  If you share information from the Comcast Web Services with a non-Comcast social networking site, that information will be used by the non-Comcast social networking site in accordance with its terms of service and privacy policy.  Those policies will determine what happens to the information on the social networking site if you stop using the Comcast Web Services. Comcast does not control the actions of these sites, so if you delete your account or other information on the Comcast Web Services, these other social networking sites may still keep and use copies of the information you shared with them.    If you’d like to remove content from your social networking page, you should contact the company that operates that page. 

Customer Control

Q.  Is there some way I can control my information settings for the Comcast Web Services?
Yes.  Each of the Comcast Web Services allow you to manage certain options.  The pages from which you can manage these options are here:

Comcast promotional email management:
Comcast Forums profile management:
XFINITY Internet, Personal Web Pages, Email, and Voice mail management:
Comcast Games profile management:
XFINITY TV preferences management:
Plaxo account settings:
Tunerfish account settings:

Q.  How do I prevent information sharing between Comcast Web Services?
Comcast only shares information between Web Services when you activate your account on and subsequently use those Web Services.  If you do not want information shared across Web Services, you can simply choose not to access those Web Services as a registered user.  If you don’t want your information shared with XFINITY TV, for example, you do not have to activate your account on XFINITY TV.  You can still use XFINITY TV as an unregistered user. 

Q.  What if I want to use the Comcast Web Services, but do so anonymously?
All of the Web Services, except for Plaxo, Tunerfish, and the SmartZone Communications Center (email), offer unregistered users basic features and functionality. 

Q.  How can I control my Web browser's cookie settings?
Comcast and third parties that provide certain features and functionality on the Comcast Sites use both standard and Flash cookies to provide you with the Comcast Services.  For more detailed information on how cookies work, please see:

Depending on the type of Web browser you are using, you may be able to control how that Web browser interacts with cookies.  For more detailed information on controlling standard cookies, please see:

For more detailed information on deleting standard cookies that are currently stored by your Web browser, please see:

To manage and delete your Flash cookies, please see the Adobe Flash cookie control panel:

Email From Comcast

Q.  Will Comcast use information collected on the Comcast Web Services to send me email messages?
  Comcast may use your Personally Identifiable Information to send you a confirmation email when you register for any Comcast Web Service and may send you service-related communications about the Comcast Web Service.  In addition, Comcast may send you promotional or commercial email relating to each Comcast Web Service for which you have activated your account, as permitted by law.  You can opt-out of receiving promotional or commercial email (but not service messages) by following the instructions in the email messages you receive, or by going to:

Q.  Will I automatically get email from Comcast Web Services that I don't use when Comcast introduces a single-sign on feature?
No.  Each Comcast Web Service manages its own communications.  Users will only receive email communications about Comcast sites and services for which they have registered and logged in, and only if they have not opted-out of receiving commercial messages about that Comcast Web Service.  Of course, even if you are receiving commercial email from Comcast, you can adjust these settings at any time by following the links shown above.

Information Security And Children

Q.  How does Comcast secure Personally Identifiable data?
We use industry standard technology to protects our Users' Privacy, and for security reasons, we cannot disclose additional details. 

Q.  Do the Comcast Web Services collect information from children?
  No.  Comcast does not knowingly collect information from children.  The Comcast Web Services are not directed to children under age 13, and Comcast does not want to collect Personally Identifiable Information from children under age 13.  Children under 13 should not register for Comcast Web Services. If there are specific features or services that seek to collect this information, they will do so in compliance with applicable law.

Terms Of Service

Q.  How do I confirm that I agree to the new Comcast Web Services Terms of Service?
  When you use the Comcast Web Services , you are assumed to have accepted the Terms of Service.  If you are a current user of Comcast’s Web Services, and you continue to use the Web Services following the 30-day notice period before the new Web Services Terms of Service take effect, that will be considered your acceptance of the Web Services Terms of Service.  Before you continue to use the Comcast Web Services, you should read the new Comcast Web Services Terms of Service and print (or save to your computer) a copy of each for your records. 

Q.  Who owns the content I post on Comcast's Web Services?
You retain full ownership of all content you post to the Comcast Web Services and any intellectual property rights or other proprietary rights associated with the content.  Comcast will store and reproduce this information as necessary during the normal course of business to provide service to you on the Comcast Web Services and associated Websites where you have authorized this information to be included.  By posting your information, you grant Comcast the right to store and copy it as needed.

Q.  What happens to the content I have posted if I stop using Comcast's Web Services?
  If you remove content that you have posted to the Comcast Web Services or terminate your Comcast Web Services account, Comcast may retain, but will not actively use, copies of your data that were archived in the normal course of Comcast’s data backups.  In addition, copies of content that you have shared with other Users of the Comcast Web Services may remain associated with those other Users’ accounts. 

Q.  How can I avoid viewing objectionable content on Comcast's Web Services?
  By using the Comcast Web Services, you may be exposed to content that you may find offensive, indecent or objectionable.  There are commercially available services and software that can limit your (or your family’s) exposure to material that you may find objectionable.  XFINITY Internet Customers can download and install Norton's privacy and security products at no additional charge to assist in limiting exposure to potentially objectionable material.  They are available from the Comcast security pages which can be accessed at

¹You can see the Visitor Agreement for at, and the Privacy Statement for at

²You can see the Subscriber Agreement for these services at
The Customer Privacy Notice for these services is at


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