See who's calling before you answer

From your home phone, TV or PC.

Updated September 7, 2011 by Gregory Shaffer

Universal Caller ID*

Free to XFINITY Voice®, TV and Internet customers. Learn more.

  • XFINITY TV customers — With Universal Caller ID

    Receive a caller's number on your TV screen and phone. This feature will appear on your TV within 6 hours of service installation.

  • XFINITY Internet customers — With Universal Caller ID

    View a caller's number on your PC and phone. Download the app at: Universal Caller ID app to get started.

Control your level of privacy

Choose when you want your number to be marked "Private" or "Anonymous". We designed Caller ID blocking features to ensure your privacy. Find out more.

Feature Description Instructions
Caller ID block per call
Activate this feature when you want to block your number from appearing on an outgoing call.
Block on per-call basis.
  1. Listen for the dial tone on your phone.
  2. Press *67.
  3. Enter the number you wish to call after you hear a second dial tone.
  4. Block for current call only.
Caller ID line block
Select this feature if you want all outgoing calls to remain "Private" or "Anonymous". Contact Customer Support to activate.
Deactivate Caller ID on a blocked line.
  1. Listen for the dial tone on your phone.
  2. Press *82.
  3. Detect the second dial tone.
  4. Dial the number you wish to call.
Caller ID with Call Waiting*
Choose to answer the second incoming call or not. If you hear the call waiting tone, Caller ID with Call Waiting allows you to see the number of the incoming call.
Use Caller ID with Call Waiting.
  1. Listen for the Call Waiting alert.
  2. View your caller's ID
  3. Press and release the receiver or flash button.
  4. Answer the second call if you choose. The first call will remain on hold.
  5. Decide not to answer the second call and it will go directly to your voicemail.
*Note: Special equipment is required to take advantage of Caller ID with Call Waiting. XFINITY Voice® service doesn't provide this equipment. Some types of calls can't be displayed with Caller ID with Call Waiting.

*To qualify for Comcast Universal Caller ID, you must have the following services and equipment:

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