Watch TV On Your Schedule: XFINITY DVR

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Updated September 7, 2011 by Gregory Shaffer

Record to your DVR

TV Listings Screen

Record from TV Listings:

  • Highlight the program you want to record and press the Record button on your remote. A red dot will appear next to the program title indicating that it's scheduled to record.

Record while watching TV:

  • Press the Record button on your remote. You'll receive a recording notice on your screen.

Watch a DVR Recording

DVR Menu Screen
  1. Press the My DVR button on your remote and select My Recordings.
  2. Highlight a program and press the OK/Select button.
  3. Select the Play button to begin.

Control DVR playback

DVR Control Buttons
  • to rewind
  • to fast-forward
  • to play
  • to stop
  • to pause
  • allow you to skip ahead or skip back in 5-minute intervals

DVR Manager

Schedule DVR recordings from your computer

TV Listings
  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your Comcast ID and complete the activation process.
  3. Go to and
  4. Select TV Listings to find and record programs.

Your DVR also lets you

  • Record a series:

    While in TV listings, highlight the TV series you want to record, press the Record button on your remote twice and select the Series Recording icon. Or press the info button, select the Record icon from the Program Information screen and select the Series Recording icon.

  • Search for programs:

    Choose Search & Record from the DVR Menu to find your favorite shows. You can search by keyword, title or your favorite actor or director.

  • Switch between two programs:

    Press the Swap button to switch between the programs. Please note: If you don't use the Swap button to toggle between programs, it will not save your previous program.

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