Support Settings About Caller ID with Call Waiting


Do you know you can see the number of an incoming call even if you’re already on the phone chatting with someone else? You can, with Caller ID with Call Waiting.

How it works

Enjoy the convenience of Caller ID and Call Waiting — at the same time. Now it’s easy to decide whether to pause your current call to take an incoming call.

When you hear the Call Waiting tone, look for the number of the incoming call — and where available, the name of the caller — on the Caller ID screen. If you want to answer it, press and release either the switchhook or flash button. If you don’t answer the call, it will be forwarded right to voicemail.

You’ll need a compatible phone that works with Caller ID with Call Waiting. We don’t provide this equipment, but you can purchase one in a local store. Please note that some types of calls can’t be displayed with Caller ID with Call Waiting.

Turn on Caller ID Push Notifications in XFINITY Connect app

Follow the steps below to set up push notifications for Caller ID in the XFINITY Connect app.

Note: Customers can turn Caller ID on or off based on the profile. Users must have XFINITY Voice for Caller ID to work.

  1. In Settings, tap on Notifications.
    XFINITY Connect app settings display with prompt to tap Notifications.
  1. Under Notifications, slide the button to turn the notifications ON.
    XFINITY Connect app notifications display with prompt to slide on Push Notifications.
  1. After the notifications are turned on, a screen will come up offering the options of notificationtons to turn on. Slide the but ON next to the desired notification(s).XFINITy Connect app push notifcations options screen.
  • Users will be able to receive push notifications for Caller ID whether they are in XFINITY Connect app or outside of it, as long as they are still logged in.
  • Caller ID push notifications are defaulted to on. If the customer does not want the Caller ID to display, walk the customer through turning the Caller ID push notifications off.

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