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Streampix is a library of movies and TV shows that you can watch commercial-free as much as you want on any screen - your TV, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Streampix complements what is currently available on XFINITY TV. With Streampix, you'll enjoy:

  • Unlimited viewing - watch as often as you want, anytime you want
  • Many popular movies and TV shows
  • Instant access on your television from the XFINITY On Demand menu – no set-up, no buffering, no waiting
  • Instant access online and on mobile devices
  • A single destination for video entertainment - no need to subscribe to multiple services

Streampix is included at no additional cost in several XFINITY Triple Play plans (including HD Preferred Plus XF Triple Play, HD Premier XF Triple Play and HD Complete XF Triple Play) and for Blast! Plus and Internet Plus subscribers. It is also available to our XFINITY TV customers a la carte for only $4.99 per month.

For more information about Streampix or to add Streampix to your XFINITY TV service, visit the Streampix website.

Watching Streampix Online and on Mobile Devices

  • XFINITY TV customers without a set-top box can access content online at XFINITY TV Go or via the XFINITY TV Go app for Apple or Android mobile devices
  • XFINITY Internet-only customers can access content via and through the Streampix app for Apple or Android mobile devices

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can get Streampix?
Streampix is available to any XFINITY TV or XFINITY Internet subscriber. Streampix is included with many popular HD Triple Play packages, as well as our Blast! Plus and Internet Plus packages (see below packages). It can also be purchased a la carte for $4.99 per month.

Is Streampix available to households not currently with Comcast?
No. Streampix is only available to XFINITY TV XFINITY Internet subscribers.

How do I know if Streampix is included in my package?
Streampix is included at no additional charge in the following packages. Check your current bill (also available for viewing online) if you’re not certain of your package name.

XFINITY Triple Plays:

  • HD Preferred Plus XF Triple Play
  • HD Premier XF Triple Play
  • HD Complete XF Triple Play
  • MultiLatino Ultra HD Plus Triple Play
  • MultiLatino HD Total Triple Play
  • MultiLatino HD Complete Triple Play
  • Alchemy HD Preferred Plus XF Triple Play
  • Alchemy HD Premier XF Triple Play
  • Alchemy MultiLatino Ultra HD Plus Triple Play
  • HD Preferred Plus XF Triple Play – Tenant Triple Play
  • HD Premier XF Triple Play – Tenant Triple Play
  • HD Complete XF Triple Play – Tenant Triple Play

XFINITY TV / XFINITY Internet Packages:
  • Internet Plus
  • Blast! Plus

You can also visit the Streampix folder in the XFINITY On Demand menu on your television. If you are in a qualifying package, you will be able to access and play content automatically – there is no set-up on your part.

I don’t remember which package I subscribe to. How can I check?
There are several ways you can learn which package you are in.
  • Check your bill – mailed to your home monthly and available online.
  • On, go to My Account and sign in using your Comcast ID and password (see View Your Bills Online for instructions on viewing your bill online). Click on View/Print Bill Detail. The name of your plan is on the second page.
  • In My Account, click on the My Services tab, Upgrade, then View Your Current Services (see How do I know what level of XFINITY Internet service I subscribe to for instructions?).
  • You can always contact us and ask a service representative.

Where do I find Streampix On Demand?
  1. To watch on your TV, use your remote control to press the ON DEMAND button.
  2. Select Streampix from the main menu.
    • Streampix programming is also available in the TV Shows menu under the alphabetical categories. (For example, The Good Wife is available with the other TV Shows programs that begin with the letter G.)

Where do I find Streampix online if I am an XFINITY TV customer?
To watch on your laptop or PC, visit Sign in using your Comcast ID and password to play television shows and films.
  1. Go to the XFINITY TV Go website and click on STREAMPIX from the upper grey bar.
  2. You can also click on NETWORKS from the upper grey bar, then click on Streampix from the Premium Networks list to browse titles and play TV shows and movies (or add to your Watchlist).
How do I watch Streampix on my tablet or smartphone with the XFINITY TV Go app?
  • To learn more or to download the XFINITY TV Go app, visit
  • To watch TV shows and movies on Streampix, first launch the app, then tap:
    1. PLAY NOW
    4. Use your Comcast ID and password to login (see below for details).
      Image shows tablet with various STREAMPIX viewing options.

What if I don't have a Comcast ID?
See Account Numbers, Usernames, Passwords and PINs on how to check your Comcast ID, create a new one and check or reset your password.

Do I need anything else to access Streampix?
No. To access Streampix, all you need is a qualifying package (see above packages) or to add Streampix for $4.99 per month. Contact us to upgrade or buy Streampix. You may also visit us online at

To enjoy Streampix on your TV, you need a set-top box with XFINITY On Demand capabilities. If you do not have a set-top box you can enjoy Streampix on your PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Are movies and TV shows available in high-definition (HD)?
Many titles are available in HD today. The numbers change from month to month, and we are working to increase the number of titles available in HD.

How is this different than what I already get on XFINITY TV?
Streampix complements the wide selection of XFINITY On Demand you already get. With Streampix you get even more movie options and many more TV shows. With the combination of Streampix and the XFINITY On Demand you already get, you will have an unparalleled combination of past and current TV seasons available whenever and wherever you want.

The library of movies include many box office hits from the 80s, 90s and 2000s that you can enjoy again and again – the perfect complement to more recent hits available for rental or those brought to you by premium networks like HBO or STARZ.

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