Support XFINITY TV Manage Parental Controls on a Set-Top Box


Find out how to use the Parental Control Lock to restrict what programs and channels can be watched in your home.

To use the Parental Control feature, you’ll need a home cable system with an addressable remote converter. If you don't have one, it’s available for an additional monthly charge.

To access the Parental Control feature:

  • Press the Menu button on your remote twice.
  • Highlight the Parental Control feature on the screen. 
  • Press OK/Select and follow the on-screen instructions.
To find out what parental control features may be available with your specific cable box, please contact us.

If you have the X1 Platform from XFINITY, please see X1 Platform from XFINITY - Using Parental Controls for more information on Parental Controls for your set-top box.

For more information about controlling what your child watches, visit the National Cable and Telecommunications Association.

With the Parental Control Lock, you choose what programs can only be watched by entering the parental control code you set up. Parental Control also lets you prevent adult titles from displaying on the screen.

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