Support XFINITY TV X1: Enable Video Description


This article provides instructions on how to enable video description by turning on XFINITY on the X1 Entertainment Operating System’s Secondary Audio Programming (SAP).

Enable Video Description on the X1 Guide

  1. Press the xfinity button on the remote control from any screen to bring up the X1 Main Menu. The xfinity button is rectangular and is located above the up arrow key.
  2. Use the xfinity button or the arrow buttons to navigate to the Settings menu, represented by the "gear" icon on the right-hand side of the menu. This is menu item number six of six. Press the OK button in the center of the arrow keys to enter the menu.
    The Settings menu is reached by navigating to the gear icon on the X1 Guide's Main Menu.
  3. Once in the Settings menu, navigate to Device Settings and press OK to select it.
    The Device Settings are reached from the left-hand side of the Settings menu, the second item from the top.
  4. From Device Settings, navigate to Audio and press OK.
    The Audio options are reached from the left-hand side of the Device Settings menu, the third item from the top.
  5. On the Audio screen, there will be two drop-down menus available. Select the first one, labeled Language. It is set to English by default.
    The Audio settings have two options. The first is Language, which defaults to English. The second is Audio mode, which in this image is set to Stereo.
  6. Press the OK button on your remote to display the drop-down menu. Select Spanish, then press OK.
    When selecting the Language drop-down menu, other languages appear; selecting Spanish will activate SAP where available.
  7. You can now press Exit to return to viewing your program. If the program has a video description track, you will now hear video description.
    • Note: You won’t hear description if the program is on a commercial. You also may not hear video description during scenes primarily featuring dialogue, since there may not be much action to describe on screen.
  8. To turn off SAP, simply repeat these steps and select English (or other preferred audio) instead of Spanish from the Language menu.

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