Support XFINITY TV Mastering the On-Screen Guide


How to find something to watch using the guide on your set-top box.

Note: The below features/functions may vary depending on your on-screen guide and model of set-top box.

Using the On-Screen Guide

The on screen guide's main menu is displayed
Main Menu

Use the Main Menu and Quick Menu to access the features of your on-screen guide.

  1. Press the Menu button on your Comcast remote once to access the Quick Menu and twice to access the Main Menu.
  2. Use the arrow buttons to navigate through the features.
  3. Press OK/Select to make your selection.


View TV Listings

View a full screen of TV listings, or press the OK/Select button while watching TV to view a mini guide.
TV listings are displayed
TV Listings

The grid color key is displayed
Grid Color Key

A summary of a program is displayed
Program Information Screen

  1. Press the Guide button on your Comcast remote. Listings are color-coded to identify different types of programs.
  2. Use the four arrow buttons to navigate the TV Listings Grid. Press the Page up/down buttons to view channels one page at a time.
  3. Jump ahead 24 hours at a time by pressing the C button.
  4. Toggle between TV Listings by Time and TV Listings by Channel by pressing the Guide button. 

Found something you want to watch?

Highlight your selection and press OK/Select on your remote. If the program is on at a later time, the Program Information screen will display.

Viewing Pay-Per-View (PPV) Events

Order by phone, or even better, your remote control.
Pay per view events is selected from the menu

Search Menu with Pay-Per-View Events

  1. Go to the Main Menu or Search Menu.
  2. Select Pay-Per-View Events.
  3. Highlight the program you want to order and press OK/Select on your Comcast remote.
  4. Select the Buy icon. A reminder is automatically set when a program is ordered.
  5. Return to watching TV by pressing Exit.
  6. Return to the Main Menu by pressing Menu twice.

Cancel a PPV order
  1. Press Menu twice.
  2. Select Pay-Per-View Events.
  3. Highlight the ordered program (it will have a check mark beside it) and press OK/Select on your remote.
  4. Select Cancel.

See listings
for the latest Pay-Per-View programs.

See it in High-Definition (HD)

If you have an HD television and an HD-capable set-top box (most HD boxes will say HDTV Capable or HDMI on the front) you're all set to enjoy the clarity of high-definition programming.
HD Channel Guide is selected from the menu
HD Menu

Finding HD programs

  1. Press Menu and select HD.
  2. Make your selection to view by guide, time or channel.

Get more from your on-screen guide.

XFINITY services not available in all areas. Pay-Per-View programming not available in all areas and is subject to charge indicated at time of purchase. Programming subject to change. HD programming is limited to the programming provided to Comcast in HD format by the programming provider. Monthly HD equipment charge applies. Converter and remote required for XFINITY On Demand services.

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