Support XFINITY TV Registering for Online TV through Partner Sites


There is no registration required but you need an XFINITY TV subscription to access XFINITY network sites and the channel you want to watch must be included in your subscription. You will need a Comcast ID (Username/Email address and password) to gain access.

Some networks that are in beta are accessible only to pre-selected beta participants.

To find your login information

You can use either your Comcast email address or a Comcast ID to log in.  If you do not know your Comcast email address or Comcast ID, see Register a Comcast ID or Forgot your username or password for help.

You might be prompted to re-register

A subscription that includes the network you want to watch is required but there is no additional cost for Online TV through Partner Sites. Comcast customers get their favorite shows from anywhere just by using their Comcast ID and password.

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