Support XFINITY TV Program the XR2 or XR5 Remote to Aim Anywhere


The XR2 and XR5 remotes have the ability to control your XFINITY on the X1 Entertainment Operating System DVR even if they are stored in a closet or another room, up to 50 feet away with Aim Anywhere technology. Here’s how to program your remote for Aim Anywhere capability.


  • Once your remote is successfully paired with your DVR, it will not control any other DVR or non-DVR set-top box you have in your home.
  • You will no longer need a direct line of site from your remote to your DVR.
  • This process is also known as RF pairing your remote to your X1 DVR.

Pair the Remote

  1. First, program your remote to control your TV. See Program the XR2 or XR5 Remote to Control a TV for details.
  2. Turn on your TV and DVR.
  3. Press and hold the Setup button on your remote for 3 seconds until the All Power button changes from red to green.
  4. Press the xfinity button on the remote. The All Power button begins flashing.
  5. Your TV should then display instructions on screen, including a 3-digit code that will pair the remote to the DVR. If your TV does not display any instructions, you may need to press the xfinity button up to 5 more times.
  6. Use the remote’s number keys to enter the 3-digit code that displays on the screen.
  7. A Remote Pairing Complete confirmation message displays. Press OK to close the message.
  8. The remote is now paired to the DVR. You do not need to pair the remote again when replacing the remote’s batteries.

  • These instructions are also printed on the back of your remote.
  • Non-DVR set-top boxes do not support Aim Anywhere pairing at this time.
  • After pairing the remote to the device, the remote will operate using radio frequency (RF) signals instead of infrared (IR).

Un-Pair the Remote

To un-pair the XR2, XR5 or XR5v3 remote from a set top box or a digital adapter (DTA):

  1. While the TV is turned on, press and hold the Setup button for 3 seconds until the All Power on the remote button changes from red to green.
  2. Press 987. Note: The All Power button will blink green twice indicating the device has been un-paired.

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