Support XFINITY TV How to Return Comcast Equipment


Whether you’re moving, upgrading devices or cancelling a service, Customer Service Centers can help.

Find a location

You can return Comcast equipment by dropping it off at one of the following:

  • Customer Service Center: Your equipment will be immediately taken off your account. Find a Customer Service Center close to you.
  • The UPS Store: UPS will box up the equipment for you and ship directly to us. Please remember to keep your receipt. You can track the progress of your equipment returning back to Comcast via with the tracking number provided on your receipt. Allow 2 weeks for the return to fully process on your account.
    Note: To locate the UPS Store closest to you, go to, check The UPS Store box as the only Location Type after you enter your address information and click Find.
    This shows's Dropoff screen. There is a listing of Location Types, a drop-down selected to Package Services and the top box titled The UPS Store is selected.
If you have already disconnected your Comcast account and still need to return your equipment, you may:
  • Visit one of The UPS Store locations
  • Visit a Customer Service Center
  • Request return boxes by contacting us. The return boxes can be either dropped off at any UPS location or picked up by UPS for a fee.
Note: The UPS Store locations are only for returning equipment. Find a Customer Service Center close to you for payments or for equipment pickups, returns and exchanges.

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