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The Search features of your On-Screen Guide make finding TV and On Demand programs easier than ever! And, with our growing XFINITY On Demand library, that has never been more important.

Search for a Program on TV or XFINITY On Demand

Customers with the On-Screen Guide pictured below can easily find shows on XFINITY TV and XFINITY On Demand all in one place.

Quick Menu screen, "Find Shows" option highlighted

Screen highlights the "Search TV and On Demand" option.

To search for a program:

  1. Press the Menu Button on your Comcast remote control.
  2. Select the Find Shows icon from your on-screen guide menu and then Search TV & On Demand.
  3. Enter a program title, or even actor, director, keyword or channel name using the on-screen keyboard to search across TV and XFINITY On Demand listings.
The most popular search results will appear at the top of the list, just as if you were searching with a web browser.

XFINITY On Demand programs are indicated by a  On Demand icon the upper right of the program description. Programs airing on TV have the channel number in the upper right of the program description. 

All of the programs that match your search term are returned, including programs that are on channels to which you may not subscribe.

Search On Demand

Customers with the guide pictured below can search through thousands of XFINITY On Demand titles that are currently available.
On Demand screen, "Search" option highlighted

To search for an XFINITY On Demand program:

  1. Select the Search button from the On Demand Main Menu
  2. Enter a program title, actor, director, keyword or channel name.

Search tips

  • Finding a program without an exact name: The search system will recognize program title synonyms so if you type in "Law and Order" it will return results for "Law & Order"; typing in "Nip and Tuck" will return results for "Nip/Tuck".
  • Finding a movie that isn't available XFINITY On Demand yet: Results are only returned for programs and movies that are currently available On Demand. However, new content is frequently added to XFINITY On Demand so if you save your search and run the search again on a different day you may get different results.
  • Searching for a musician's name or band name: Just enter the musician's name or band name, or a word in the song title, as your search term.
    • Searching for adult-rated programs: Programs rated "Adult" don’t appear in search results

Get more information on searching for XFINITY TV and XFINITY On Demand programs.

Note: Search features will vary depending on your On-Screen Guide. View your guide for supported features.

XFINITY TV with XFINITY On Demand required. Features and services are subject to change. Not available in all areas or on all set-top boxes.

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