Support XFINITY TV Online Parental Controls and PINs


XFINITY TV offers online parental controls you can set up and customize in order to restrict what your children can watch on both the XFINITY TV Go website and the XFINITY TV Go app.

For the XFINITY TV Go app, you can follow the instructions below to create a PIN, or you can log in to the app to set up your Parental Controls and your PIN directly in the app by going to Settings and selecting Parental Controls.

Set up XFINITY TV online parental controls

  1. Sign in to My Account as the primary user.
  2. Click Users & Preferences.
  3. In your user tab, click XFINITY TV Online Parental Controls.
  4. Click the Set PIN button under ‘PIN Management’**.
  5. Set and confirm your Parental Controls PIN and click Save.
  6. Click OK on the ‘Confirmation’ screen.

** You may need to read the ‘COPPA Opt-In Information’ and select if any of your secondary usernames are under 13. If you wish to, you can click the ‘skip this form’ link and you will be taken directly to set up parental controls. If you have secondary users who are under 13, read through the information and click Continue to Form. Select which secondary users are under 13 and enter your ‘Digital Signature’ and check the box that you agree on the information stated. Click Submit.

Your Parental Control PIN

You need your Parental Control PIN to edit or turn off the XFINITY TV Go website and XFINITY TV Go app restrictions. If you forget the one you set up in Step 4 above, you can have it emailed to you.

Retrieve your Parental Control PIN

  1. Sign in to My Account as the primary user.
  2. Click Users & Preferences.
  3. In your user tab, click XFINITY TV online parental controls.
  4. You will be asked to enter your password. Click I forgot my PIN.
  5. A window will appear to confirm that your Parental Control PIN will be emailed to the primary user’s email address.

Learn more about parental controls

These settings apply only to programming on the XFINITY TV Go website and XFINITY TV Go app, and are separate from general Internet security, your TV and cable box settings.

Learn more about Parental Control for your TV.

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