Support XFINITY TV Ordering Pay Per View


Learn how to order Pay Per View programming, troubleshoot Pay Per View issues and more. 

Note: The below instructions may vary depending on your On-Screen Guide, but the basic Pay Per View functions should remain the same. View your on-screen guide for more details.

To Order Pay Per View with your Comcast Remote and Set-Top Box:

  1. Press the Menu button twice on your Comcast remote control.
  2. Select Pay Per View Events from the Main Menu.
  3. Highlight the program you want to watch and press the Ok/Select button on your Comcast remote control. 
  4. Select the Buy icon.
  5. Press the Exit button to return to watching TV, or press the Menu button twice to return to the Main Menu.
  6. A reminder is automatically set when a Pay Per View program is ordered and will appear on your screen when the program is about to begin.

To Order Pay Per View Programs by Phone:

Call Comcast at 1-800-XFINITY (1-800-934-6489) to order a Pay Per View program instantly.

To Order Select Pay Per View Events Online:

  1. View the listings for upcoming Pay Per View events at
  2. Select your desired event and click Order Now (when available).
  3. Log in using your Comcast ID and password.
  4. Review your order, then click Submit.

To Cancel a Pay Per View Order:

Please see Cancel a Pay Per View order to learn how to cancel a Pay Per View order.

Problems Viewing a Pay Per View Program?

  • If the Pay Per View program already started, make sure that your order went through. Select the Buy icon from the program information screen. The message THIS PROGRAM HAS BEEN ORDERED will be displayed in the top of the order window if the order was completed.
  • If you don't subscribe to high-definition (HD) service from Comcast, make sure you didn't order the HD broadcast of the Pay Per View program. Standard-definition (SD) customers can only watch SD broadcasts of Pay Per View programs. The SD and HD broadcasts will air on different channels.

If you verified the above and are still not able to view a Pay Per View program, chat with a Comcast Customer Service representative.

Pay Per View Parental Controls

You can restrict unauthorized orders of Pay Per View programs with a Purchase PIN (Personal Identification Number). Once you set up a Purchase PIN, it must be entered before a Pay Per View program can be purchased. Please see Set Purchase PIN to Block Purchase of Pay Programs to learn how to set up a Purchase PIN.

Pay Per View programming not available in all areas and is subject to charge indicated at time of purchase. Programming subject to change.

PPV service is valid for Residential Comcast customers only. Comcast Business customers are not permitted to order PPV events from Comcast and must order directly from the promoter.

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