Support XFINITY TV What is the Comcast Digital Migration


The Digital Migration will allow us to offer higher-quality digital picture and sound, more HD and XFINITY On Demand programming, faster Internet speeds, and enhanced home phone services.

What you should know

Before the network in your area is upgraded as part of the Digital Migration, we’ll mail you a list of the channels going all digital and information on how to get the devices you’ll need. You can also order or activate new devices online.

The Comcast Digital Migration is Different than the Broadcast Digital Transition of 2009.

The Broadcast Digital Transition was a national government mandate that, as of June 12, 2009, all broadcast TV signals (i.e. ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, Univision.) must be broadcast exclusively in digital format. If you were a cable or satellite TV customer, the government Broadcast Digital Transition did not affect you—you were already getting these channels through your cable provider. If you were receiving your television channels over the air instead of through a cable or satellite service, you would have needed a DTV converter box to continue receiving the broadcast channels.

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