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The X1 Platform is designed to be a whole home product, offering access to all content on any TV in the home. Every X1 Platform set-top box is a terminal device whether they have a hard drive or not and all set-top boxes can see and play all recordings made regardless of where they may be stored.

There are two types of devices supported by the X1 Platform, the Player, which is a device with a hard drive (DVR), and a Player Mini, which does not have a hard drive. When a recording is scheduled on a Player, it is scheduled to record in the hard drive contained in that device. When a recording is scheduled from a Player Mini, the recording is scheduled to the Player that it is assigned to. Both Player and Player Mini can playback any recording regardless of the physical hard drive they are stored on.

Multiple Players

The standard X1 AnyRoom DVR product configuration allows for one Player in the home. Support for multiple Players is allowed in some markets on a case-by-case basis.

DVR Scheduling

In the standard X1 AnyRoom DVR configuration, there is a single list of scheduled recordings. Both Players and Player Mini’s can schedule and manage the list of upcoming recordings. When multiple Players are configured in a home, the Player Mini’s must select a default Player to listen for their schedule requests. This is done via the user interface when the Player Mini is first installed but can also be updated by changing the Default DVR via the Settings menu at any time.

The server maintains a complete list of all recordings scheduled on all Players in the home, and manages the tuners, storage capacity, and conflict management of each Player separately. The upcoming scheduled recordings for each Player will display only on the Player they will be stored on, as well as any Player Mini that has chosen that Player as its default recording listener. The Player Mini’s don’t all have to be assigned to a single Player in the home. For example, if you have two Players and two Player Minis, one Player Mini can schedule recordings to Player 1 and the other could schedule its recordings to Player 2. Also, if you want the Player Mini’s to always record to one Player, you can select both Player Mini’s to schedule recordings to Player 1 or 2.

Current guide on the X1 Platform example:
Default DVR options are displayed on the Settings Preferences screen

New guide on the X1 Platform example:
Default DVR options are displayed on the Settings Preferences screen

DVR Playback

Any recording can be played back on any Player or Player Mini in the home. In a multiple Player home, the server presents a combined list of all recordings stored on all Players on a single account in a single list. These are playable on any device in the home associated with that account, and if you so choose, the same recording can be played back on all of the boxes at the same time at different playback points. This allows you to watch your recordings on any TV in the house at any time. You can even start in one room and finish in another.

Pausing Live TV

Player devices support pausing Live TV using their internal hard drive or storage device. The current Player Mini devices do not have any internal storage and therefore do not support pausing Live TV. We are working with our hardware manufacturers to explore solutions so that Player Mini devices can have Live TV pause capabilities in the future.

Product Tips

Power to the Player

A Player always needs to be powered on in order for the X1 AnyRoom product to function correctly. If the Player is not powered on, you will see an error indicator in the list of recordings when displayed on the Player Mini. If you are seeing these error messages, please ensure that the Player(s) are plugged into power and turned on.

Current guide on the X1 Platform example:
An error message is displayed on the Movie Info screen.

New guide on the X1 Platform example:
An error message is displayed on the Movie Info screen.

Energy note

The Player and Player Mini utilize sophisticated power management rules to reduce power when not in active use, and re-awaken to full power when needed. You do not need to manually turn them on and off in order to reduce electricity consumption in your home; they will manage that automatically for you.

Default DVR on Player

The Player devices provide the same ability to choose a default DVR just like the Player Mini’s. It is highly recommended that each Player is set to use itself as the default DVR. Choosing another Player from the list will disable the scheduling and recording capability of the Player and it will share only the other Player’s tuners and storage for recordings.

Still have questions?

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