Support XFINITY TV Use Facebook With the X1 Platform from XFINITY


The Facebook app guide provides a peek into Facebook on a big screen for viewing friends’ photos, news feeds and sharing information, all from your X1 Platform from XFINITY set-top box.

Set Up Facebook

  1. Go to
  2. Choose Customize Your Experience
  3. Log in with your Comcast ID
  4. Click the TV App Settings tab
  5. Click Scroll down to the Facebook option and click Connect
  6. Choose whether to require your Apps PIN to access Facebook, or for sharing

Launch Facebook

  1. Go to the Main menu
  2. Select Apps
  3. From the dashboard, highlight and select Facebook
  4. Press OK

Application PIN

You may be asked to enter a PIN to access Facebook. Your Application PIN is the touch-tone keypad equivalent of the first four characters of your Comcast ID password. For example, if your Comcast ID password is "Comcast", your Application PIN would be "Comc" or "2662" on your keypad. For symbols and special characters use the "1" key.

Your Picture

Once you connect Facebook to your X1 Platform from XFINITY set-top box, your Facebook profile picture will be the picture shown in the Select users section of your X1 On-Screen Guide. If you change your profile picture in Facebook, the picture on the screen will also change.

Available Facebook Features

Facebook allows you to:


  • Commenting, posting and publishing to another friend's wall from the Facebook app is currently not supported. Deleting is also not supported.
  • Posting status updates from the Facebook app is not possible.
  • Posts and pictures update automatically, but you may need to exit and re-enter the screen to see the changes.
  • Settings set on Facebook online will be reflected here as well.
    • Example: "hide friend or app"
  • Changing profile picture from the app is not currently supported.
  • Email, chatting and other online Facebook functions are currently not available.
  • Parental Controls settings for the Facebook app: You can choose to disable the ability to view content from the Internet in the Parental Controls section in Settings.
  • X1 Platform from XFINITY does not store third-party credentials like those required for Facebook. Facebook asks directly for these on their respective websites. X1 only gets an authentication token and you are providing permission for this link.
  • Facebook is not supported on all XFINITY TV on the X1 Platform devices.

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