Support XFINITY TV Check Your Headlines Using the XFINITY TV on the X1 Platform Headlines App


View and customize headlines from your favorite news sites using the X1 Headlines app.

Please Note: Due to an unforeseen issue, the X1 Headlines app is temporarily unavailable. We are currently working to fix the problem, and apologize for any inconvenience.

If Einstein Service has been deployed to your call center and you’ve attended training, you have been informed that you must use the new Einstein Interactive Troubleshooting Guides (ITGs) to troubleshoot any customer issue. This does not apply for X1 troubleshooting as those dedicated groups supporting X1 must continue to swivel to Grand Slam to support X1 issues. We are currently targeting the June timeframe to have X1 implemented in ITGs.

Add Sources or Sites to Your News

When accessing the Headlines app, there are four ways that you can add headlines to the Your News tab.

  1. When you first click on Your News, press OK to begin, then select and confirm any topics you wish to follow.
    The Your News screen is displayed

    Topic selections are displayed
  2. From the Explore menu, open individual sites to see detailed headlines or add them to Your News.
     Business news sources are displayed

    A business news source is selected to be added to the Your News page
  3. In the Settings menu, you can click Add a site to add a site or source to Your News.
     The Add a Site function is displayed
  4. Also from the Settings menu, you can search for individual sites to add to Your News. As you type, the SmartSearch feature will auto-fill to make your search quick and easy.
     The smartsearch screen is displayed
Once you have added topics or individual sites, all headlines from those sources will visible under Your News.

Delete a Site

To remove a site from Your News, access the Settings menu, then click the X icon to the right of the site you wish to delete.
A news site has been selected for deletion

Send Headlines Through Email

When viewing a news story, you will have the option to email it to yourself or to other users.  Your account will automatically populate as the default “Send To” option, but you may add other users by clicking the New Email Address button.
A news story is displayed and the email option is selected

Email account options are displayed

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