Support XFINITY TV X1: Movie Night


The Movie Night app is fun new way for a group (friends or family) to pick an XFINITY On Demand movie together using their X1 On-Screen Guide and each of their own mobile devices.

Getting Started and Using Movie Night

  1. Press the xfinity button. 
  2. Using the arrow buttons on your remote control highlight and click Apps then select Movie Night.

  3. Everyone that wants to play the Movie Night Game needs to use their own mobile devices or computers to visit the special Movie Night webpage at
  4. Each player should type in the short code provided (in red on their TV screen) on their mobile device or computer screen.
  5. After submitting the code, each player should then enter a nickname for themselves and tap Join.

  6. After everyone has joined, the host should click OK on the remote to start the game. The host will be prompted to answer a few questions, including the audience type (i.e. what ratings are appropriate).

  7. Each person picks the kind of movie that suits their mood represented with names like "The Criminalist" or "The Inspirer." Each person should pick at least one. This will make up the group's "crew."

  8. Based on the group’s combined crew, a set of actors/actresses photos that fit those kinds of movies is shown. Each person should pick a few they like.

  9. Based on the combined taste of the group, 16 movies are selected (out of the thousands in the library). Each then ranks their top four.

  10. Once everyone has finished their ranking, the group’s shown the best movie to watch along with two runners up. The host selects one movie to play by pushing OK on the remote.

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