Support XFINITY TV Listen to Music With the X1 Platform from XFINITY Pandora Radio App


Pandora is a personalized Internet radio that is designed to help you discover new music you’ll love mixed in with music you already know.

Launch the Pandora Radio App

  1. Go to the Main menu.
  2. Select Apps.
  3. Highlight and select Pandora.
  4. Press OK.
  5. The Pandora logo is displayed

Pandora Radio App Remote Mapping

A remote control's functionality is detailed

Remote functions:
  • Play/Pause - Plays or pauses the current track that is on in Now Playing.
  • Exit - Closes the overlay and rotates back to the album cover art. If Exit is pressed anywhere in the app, the Exit Confirmation overlay will display.
  • Navigation Arrows - Enables navigation throughout the app.
  • OK - Selects the highlighted object button.
  • Last - Returns to the previous screen.
  • Fast-forward - Skips to the next track.
  • XFINITY - Acts as a close button and accesses the Exit overlay. If you exit, you will see the apps highlighted on the main menu.
  • Page Up/Page Down - Scrolls up and down through lists such as station results.
  • Info - Acts as a shortcut to the Why This Song overlay from Now Playing or anywhere back in the song history; can toggle between overlays.
  • D - Pressing D from the Stations or Bookmarks menu will display a delete confirmation overlay for the highlighted station or bookmark.
  • Keypad (0-9) - Only the numbers are available to use in search. The letter functions are disabled.

Pandora's Main Screen

  1. Now Playing: Displays the current Pandora station that is playing. While paused, the "sound" graphic will change to indicate the audio has stopped.
  2. Stations: When this button is selected, the Stations menu will open.
  3. Thumbs Down: Will set the status of the currently-playing song as "thumbs down" and skip to the next song. Secondary state (orange) will be shown until the next song loads.
  4. Thumbs Up: Will toggle the thumbs up status on/off. "Thumbs up" songs will display the secondary state (orange).
  5. Pause/Play: Specifically, the Pause/Play button on the remote is mapped to the pause/play function. The function is Pause by default and during playback. It changes to Play while playback is paused.
  6. Skip: The Skip button is selected to skip the current song, and begin a new song. Skip is mapped to the remote so that the fast forward button on the remote can also be used to skip a song (in addition to the button within the app).
  7. Album Cover Art: The art being displayed is an image of the album cover for the current song that is playing. Select album cover art by pressing the Up-arrow button on the remote. Album cover art will become highlighted (note: this could be artwork of an advertisement). An undercard is displayed while the track art is loading or if there is no track art.
  8. Song Info: Displays the current song playing, followed by the name of the artist and the title of the album. If the text is truncated, it will slowly scroll so that the whole title can be shown (note: this could also be information for an advertisement).
  9. Progress Bar: The progress bar displays how much of the current song has been played.
  10. XFINITY Logo
  11. Pandora User Account: Your Pandora email/username is always displayed in the bottom right corner.
Now Playing:
The Now Playing screen is displayed

Stations List:
The Stations List screen is displayed

Create a New Station

When you launch Pandora for the first time, this is the default view as there are no previously set stations. To create a new station, use the remote control to begin selecting the letters on the on-guide key pad to for names of the:

  • Artist
  • Genre
  • Composer
  • Title
    The New Station screen is displayed


Track Options

You can highlight the song cover art and press OK on the remote to view track options to:

  • Create a new station featuring the current artist or song.
  • Bookmark the current artist or song.
  • View "Why This Track?" information.
      Buttons for Create New Station, Bookmark, Share and Why This Track are displayed

Song History

You can navigate the song history by using the left and right directional arrow keys on the remote control.
A screen displays information about the previous song and the song that is currently playing

Note: When a new station is launched, history is erased. History is only kept for the current station.

Skipping Tracks

You can skip up to six tracks per hour by highlighting the left arrow soft key An arrow key is depicted  with the remote and pressing OK.
An overlay labeled skipping tracks is displayed on the screen


  • If you attempt to skip more than six tracks in an hour, you will receive the message above.
  • Thumbs Down will count towards the skip track limit.

Deleting a Station

  1. Highlight the radio station you would like to delete:
    A radio station has been selected for deletion from a list of stations on the Pandora stations screen
  2. Use your remote to scroll over to the Delete (x) symbol and press OK.
    A circled x is depicted beside a station selected for deletion
  3. Highlight Delete and press OK on the remote control to confirm station deletion.
    An overlay labeled Delete Station displays buttons for cancel and delete

Exit the Pandora Radio App

  1. Press the Exit key on your remote control from any screen in the Pandora app.
  2. Highlight Exit and press the OK key on the remote control close the app.
    An overlay labeled Pandora Radio displays buttons for cancel and exit

Pandora Music App Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to create a mix of all of my Pandora radio stations?
Yes, the Quick Mix feature is a great feature in Pandora to create a new radio station which plays all of your music.

Do my parental control settings apply to the Pandora music app?
Yes, you can choose to disable the ability to view content from the Internet in the parental controls section in Settings.

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