Support XFINITY TV X1: Parental Controls - Turn On/Off


This article provides details on how to turn Parental Controls on or off using the XFINITY on the X1 Entertainment Operating System On-Screen Guide.

In order to turn Parental Controls on or off you must first set up your Locks PIN.  For information on how to set up your Locks PIN, see X1: Parental Controls - Set Up PINs.

Enable/Disable Parental Controls

  1. Press the xfinity button on your remote control.
  2. Using the right arrow button, scroll over to highlight Settings and press OK.
    X1 Guide: Main Menu with Settings (Gear icon) selected.
  3. Using the down arrow button, scroll to highlight Parental Controls and press OK.  
    X1 Guide: Settings with Parental Controls options selected.
  4. You will be prompted to Enter Locks PIN. Use the number pad on the remote control to enter the Locks PIN. 
    X1 Guide Parental Controls: The user is entering the Locks PIN.
  5. Use the arrow buttons to highlight Parental Control under PINs Manager.
    X1 Guide Parental Controls: Selecting Parental Control under the PINs Manager.
  6. Press the OK button to turn Parental Controls ON or OFF.  The current setup status is indicated by an ON or OFF icon.
    X1 Parental Controls: Displaying the setup status of Parental Control.
  7. Press Exit to return to standard TV viewing, or press Last to return to the Settings menu.
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