Support XFINITY TV X1: Using Parental Controls


Parental Controls let you restrict access to content based on TV/Movie Ratings, Channels, Titles and Services. You can also select days and times to "lock" access to your TV. Parental Controls are distinct for each set-top box in the home and must be programmed individually. There are many types of Parental Controls that can be set on your X1 set-top box, please see below for more information.

Parental Controls can limit all content viewable on your TV – live TV, On Demand and Recorded Programs. Once set up, if a program has a Parental Control lock on it and you attempt to view it, you will see a restricted notice and will need to enter your PIN to watch the program. This includes any program that has been recorded or has been recently viewed in XFINITY On Demand. Your X1 DVR set-top box will record the program and list the program in your recordings, regardless of the Parental Control setting, but you will not be able to see or hear a locked program without first entering your PIN.

To review the Parental Controls, press the xfinity button on the remote and go to Settings, then select Parental Controls.

Access Parental Controls

  1. Highlight Settings (the gear icon) Gear icon from the Main menu.
  2. Press OK on the remote control.
  3. Highlight Parental Control and press OK on the remote control.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions.
    On the Parental Controls Screen the "Overview" option is the top one on the left side.
You can set up both Parental Controls (locks) and Purchase PINs in the PINs Manager under Parental Controls.

Note: If you want your set-top box to require a PIN for XFINITY On Demand purchases, you must also set up a Locks PIN for Parental Controls, even if you do not plan to put Parental Controls in place.

Parental Control Options

PINs Manager

You can enable two types of four-digit PINs: a Locks PIN and a Purchase PIN.
  • If Parental Controls are enabled, you must enter your Locks PIN to view restricted content.
  • If Purchase Protection is enabled, you must enter your Purchase PIN to make XFINITY On Demand purchases.
  • System Default Settings clears all Parental Controls and PINs.

PIN Challenges

Lists all instances, both successful and unsuccessful, when a PIN was required.

Movie Locks

Locks movies based on their MPAA ratings.
  • When a movie rating is locked, all movies with a more restrictive rating are also locked. For example, if you have locked movies with an R rating, movies with NC-17 and Adult ratings are also locked.
  • A green open lock indicates unlocked movie ratings. A red closed lock indicates locked movie ratings.

TV Locks

Locks TV shows and series based on their TV Parental Guidelines ratings.
  • When you lock a TV rating, all programs with a more restrictive rating are also locked. For example, if you lock programs with a TV-14 rating, programs with a TV-MA rating are also locked.
  • Some TV ratings have subcategories of content that you can lock individually. For example: violence, coarse language, etc. If you lock violence in TV-PG rated programs, then programs with violence in a more restrictive rating are also locked. However, more restrictively rated programs without violence are not locked. Programs with a less restrictive rating, such as TV-Y, also are not locked.
  • A green open lock indicates unlocked TV ratings. A red closed lock indicates locked TV ratings.
    • Note: Series episodes do not always have the same rating. An episode of a series may be TV-14 one week and TV-PG the next.

Channel Locks

Specifies individual channels to be locked and unavailable for viewing.
  • To lock a channel, go to the Guide and highlight a channel by navigating to its number and logo. Press OK on the remote control and select Lock.
  • To unlock a channel, select Unlock and enter the PIN.

Title Locks

Locks individual shows, series, and movies to be unavailable for viewing.
  • To lock a title, select any program and press Info, then select Lock.
  • To unlock a title, select Unlock from the program information and enter the PIN.

Service Locks

Restricts access to certain types of content such as XFINITY On Demand programming and other videos. To lock and unlock these services, enter the PIN for:
  • On Demand
  • Extras and Apps
    On the Service locks screen in the top center there will be an "On Demand" and below it "Extras and Apps" . They will say "unlocked" next to them when they're unlocked.
Note: When a service lock is enabled for:
  • On Demand: you will be able to browse XFINITY On Demand content and view the Info page, but will not be able to complete the purchase or watch a program without entering your Locks PIN.
  • Extras and Apps: you will be able to view the Apps menu and subcategory list. You will be prompted to enter your Locks PIN to unlock apps.
    There will be an "Enter Your Locks PIN" prompt in the center and below it there will be a place for you to enter your Pin next to "Enter Pin."

Safe Browse

Prevents adult titles and programming from appearing on screen, whether in program listings or search results. Select the Safe Browse Off box to turn the Safe Search off.

Time Locks

Restricts viewing all programming between certain hours or on certain days. For example, you can lock your set-top box so no programming can be accessed between 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM, from Monday through Friday. To unlock Time Locks, enter the PIN.

Reset Your Parental Controls Settings

To reset your Parental Controls settings:

  • Go to
  • Choose Customize Your Experience.
  • Log in with your Comcast ID and password.
  • On the TV Device Settings tab, scroll to Reset Your Purchase PIN or Reset Your Locks PIN and click the Reset button to reset the appropriate PIN.
  • Then follow the instructions above to enter a new PIN via your set-top box.

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