Support XFINITY TV X1: Photos App


The XFINITY on the X1 Entertainment Operating System Photos app allows you to view your Facebook, Instagram and Flickr photos on your TV.

Note: This app is not available on the RNG150 (non-DVR set-top-box).

Photos App: Explore, Facebook, Instagram and Flickr

To set up the Photos app, you need to begin by connecting to your Facebook, Instagram and/or Flickr account at

  1. Press the xfinity button.
  2. Using the arrows on your remote control scroll to the right and click Apps.
    The Apps menu is the fifth option from the left on the X1 main menu.
  3. Use the down arrow on the remote and navigate to the Photos icon located under Internet Apps and press OK - the app will launch.
    The Applications screen is displayed and the Photos App is selected.
  4. Press the right arrow on the remote to navigate to one of these choices: Explore, Facebook, Instagram or Flickr and click OK.
    Menu choices appear in this order: Explore, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr.
  5. Scroll through your albums and pictures with the arrows on your remote. You can expand the picture by clicking OK.
    The top-left icon reads "Slideshow" and indicates how many photos are available.  The remaining icons are thumbnails of the photos to choose from.  Highlighting a photo displays the photo name and date beneath the thumbnail.
  6. Click Exit to close the Photos App.
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