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The XFINITY on the X1 Entertainment Operating System Photos app allows you to view your Saved Photos, Facebook, Instagram and Flickr photos on your TV.

Note: This app is not available on the RNG150 (non-DVR set-top-box).

Before You Begin

Before you begin using the Photos app, you need to connect to your Facebook, Instagram and/or Flickr account at  See X1 Apps: Set Up Apps on TV for assistance.

If you have not connected your account to your profile, you will see a message similar to this when attempting to use the Photos app:
Example of prompt to connect Facebook account.  Screen reads: "Connect your Facebook Account Online.  Go to  A one-time setup will have you seeing big in no time."  There is an OK button on the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Photos App: Explore Saved Photos, Facebook, Instagram and Flickr

  1. Press the xfinity button.
  2. Use the right arrow button on the remote to highlight Apps. Then press the OK button.
    The Apps menu is the fifth option from the left on the X1 main menu.
  3. Use the arrow buttons on the remote to navigate to Entertainment & Media. Highlight Photos and press OK to launch the Photos app.
    The Photos App is the first option under the Entertainment & Media section of the X1 Apps menu.
  4. Use the down arrow button to highlight your Comcast Username. Press OK.
    A list of usernames on the account is displayed. One username is highlighted.
  5. When you select a profile, you will then be asked to enter the PIN for that profile. You can also get PIN Help and toggle the Require PIN setting. If the Require PIN setting = Off, then this screen will not show up again for the selected profile.
    The User’s PIN can be entered on this screen. The Help function and the option to require use of a PIN are also available.
  6. You will now be presented with the home screen. The home screen contains icons/menu items that allows the user to:
    • Log in to a different profile (if more than 1 profile is on the account)
    • Upload to your TV
    • Learn about live streaming
    • Access Saved Photos, Facebook, Instagram, or Flicker
    • Access the application settings screen (gear icon)
      The Home screen provides options to upload content and also initiate live streaming.
  7. Press the right arrow on the remote to highlight the service of your choice (Saved Photos, Facebook, Instagram or Flickr). Press OK.
    Note: The order in which the My Media, Facebook, Instagram or Flickr icons appear on your screen depends on the frequency with which you access each service.
  8. The services presented on the home screen provide the following:
    • My Media – Photos and videos uploaded by users on the account
    • Shared with Me – Photos and videos shared to the account by other X1 account holders or uploaded via Upload to your TV menu item
      Content on the Saved Photos screen is divided into two categories: My Media and Shared with Me.
    • Facebook - Facebook photo collections (if you configured with your Facebook profile)
      Facebook albums and pictures are displayed on the screen in rows.
    • Instagram - View Your Photos (default) or Following; Play a slideshow of the photos in those collections (if you configured with your Instagram profile)
      This screen provides options for viewing Instagram photos, including a slideshow.
    • Flickr - View Your Photos (default), Contacts, or Explore (if you configured with your Flickr profile
      Options are displayed for viewing photos, contacts or Explore in Flickr.
  9. Use the arrow buttons on the remote to scroll through your albums and pictures. You can open an album or picture by pressing OK.
  10. Upon clicking the Learn about live streaming menu item on the Photos landing page, the Stream Live Video and Share to TV is presented. This screen provides information to the user on sharing photos and videos to the X1 device and how to find the Share mobile applications.
    Information on sharing content and live streaming is displayed.
  11. Clicking on Upload to your TV brings up the screen to allow users to use a mobile device to upload content to the TV. This screen also provides information on how finding the Share mobile application.
    Information on uploading content from a mobile device is displayed.
  12. Clicking on the Settings icon on the home screen presents On/Off toggles to prevent live streams and shares from people outside of their household (account) and to control Photos app notifications. Both of these settings are for the account and not the specific user.
  13. Press Exit to close the Photos app.
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