Support XFINITY TV Follow Your Favorite Teams With the XFINITY TV on the X1 Platform Sports App


This app allows you to select the sport and navigate to each individual game (current and past games). The XFINITY TV on the X1 Platform Sports App provides:

  • Fast and easy access to live games on TV.
  • Live scores of all games in progress.
  • Coverage of games you're not watching.
  • Upcoming game schedules.

You can even watch video and access the app at the same time.

Quick Tip

While viewing full-screen content (i.e., viewing content while the guide is not open), press the C key on your remote to access the Sports app.

Launch the Sports App

  1. Press the XFINITY button on your remote control.
  2. Select Apps.
  3. Highlight and select Sports.
  4. Press OK.

App Overview

Upon opening the Sports app, you can view the score of all games previously played that day and games that are currently live. The games that are currently live are displayed on blue tiles. To navigate, use the right and left arrows on the remote to view scores for the NFL, NBA, MBA, NHL, BPL and NCAA (football and basketball) when in season.
Live game scores are displayed on blue tiles on the Sports app screen.

By selecting the game that is currently playing (displayed in blue) you can see the interactive version of the game showing scores, statistics, and the current play. If the game showing is part of your subscription service, you can select Watch to watch the game, Favorite to add a team to your Favorites or More for additional options.
Interactive version of game displays with Watch, Favorite or More options.

View touchdown scoring in the Redzone while watching the game or a different show.
Touchdown scoring is displayed if the ball is in the Redzone.

View a scoring summary for all live games (NBA Hoops is displayed here).
The scoring summary of a game is displayed.

To view the score and statistics of previously played games:

  1. Use the UP arrow key on the remote to navigate and highlight the game for which you want to view information.
    Navigating the different games for which information is available.
  2. Press OK to select and view statistics for that game.
    An example of the game stats available for a Panthers-49ers NFL game.
NCAA conference viewing allows you to quickly view team scores and statistics for the conference of your choice.
  1. From the NCAA pane, press the A key on the remote control to select a conference.
    A list of scheduled NCAA games.
  2. Select a conference in which you would like to view team’s schedule, scores and stats.
    NCAA conference selection screen.


When selecting an upcoming game or past game to view, you can select either of the teams playing to add to your favorites:

  1. Use the directional keys on the remote to navigate and highlight a game of your choosing.
    Navigating and highlighting one of the scheduled NFL games.
  2. Highlight and select Favorite.
    Clicking on the NFL game to favorite one or both teams.
  3. Use the Up/Down arrows to select the team you would like to favorite and press OK.
    The user is selecting a favorite team.
  4. You will receive confirmation your team has been added to your Favorites.
    Confirmation that a team has been Added to Favorites.

My Games

The My Games pane allows you to select any team from the six available leagues to follow, and will display any favorite games scheduled for that day.

  1. Using your remote control select Team Picker.
    Selecting the Team Picker option.
  2. Highlight a League of your choosing.
    Selecting a League from within the Team Picker.
  3. Highlight a team and press OK on your remote.
    Picking a team from the list.
  4. You will receive a confirmation the team has been saved to your Favorites.
    A team has been Added to Favorites.
  5. Go to the My Games panel to view current games for your favorite teams.
    The Sports app displaying info on that favorite team.

Barclays Premier League

In the Premier League panel, you can view all upcoming games for soccer teams who are a part of the Barclays Premier League. Only one of the two teams playing needs to be a part of the Barclays Premier League for the game to be visible in the Premier League panel.
Premier League Panel displays

Favorite Premier League team matchups are displayed


  • Barclays Premier League games will be aired twice: once live and once on a tape delay.
  • At this time, scores and statistics are not available in the Premier League panel.

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