Support Home Control XFINITY Home Control - Help with your Door/Window Sensors


Please read below for troubleshooting steps for the Door and Window Sensors for your XFINITY Home Control product.

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Installation Instructions

Attaching the Door and Window Sensors

  1. Make sure to use the adhesive tape included with your sensor.
  2. Clean the surface of the door/window and frame with rubbing alcohol before placing.
  3. Check the alignment of the sensor and magnet so they are not hitting each other or an object when the door/window opens or closes.

Troubleshooting Common Problems with the Door and Window Sensors

My door and/or window sensor shows open, even when the door or window is closed.

  • Ensure the magnet is within half an inch of the sensor when closed. Use spacers that were included as necessary.
  • Ensure magnet and sensor align with the alignment arrows.  The “narrow” ends of the arrows on the magnet and sensor should be closest to each other.
  • Ensure magnet is installed parallel to the sensor, not perpendicular.

My door/window sensor shows closed, even when the door or window is open.

Ensure sensor is not placed on the hinged side of the door.

My door/window sensor does not adhere to the door frame due to decorative molding.

Mount the magnet on the molding and the sensor on the door.

Door/window sensor will not pair with the hub.

Ensure the light on the sensor is blinking three times every five seconds. If it is not, then reset the sensor using the instructions below.

I need to reset or re-pair my door/window sensor.

  1. Insert a small, flathead screwdriver into one of the small notches on either side of the sensor (the larger piece).
  2. Twist to pop off cover.
  3. Remove battery.
  4. Press the sensor’s small tamper switch on the same board as the battery.
    • When holding the device with battery side facing you and the battery located on the bottom right, the tamper switch is a black button located on the bottom left. 
  5. Hold tamper switch down for one second after the battery is re-inserted.
  6. Release switch and press it again within four seconds.
  7. Press sensor cover against base sensor until they click.
  8. To resume pairing, go to, click on Settings, click on the device you would like to pair and click on Add Door/Window Sensor.

The door/window sensor sends a low-battery indication.

To ensure continuous proper operation, replace the battery within two weeks of the first Low Battery indication.

Pairing the device:

For initial pairing, pull tab to engage battery.

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