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Here are the various steps to troubleshoot if nothing happens on taking a picture or the picture/video quality on the camera is poor

Took a Picture/Video Clip and Nothing Appears on Portal

  • Wait for the picture to appear. It takes between five seconds and three minutes to complete the action and for the picture or video clip to appear on the portal
  • If it does not appear within three minutes, refresh the browser window
  • If the issue is still not resolved, log out and log back in to the portal

No Picture or Video on TouchScreen / Poor Wireless Camera Strength

Option 1:

  1. Make sure the camera is plugged in to a working power outlet
  2. Validate that the camera has an LED light on
Option 2:

If you have moved the camera after it was installed, the camera may be out of range from the TouchScreen - move the camera closer to the TouchScreen.

Option 3:

Restore to factory defaults by using a non-metal object to push in the reset button located at the back of the camera for 10 seconds.

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