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EcoSaver is a powerful new energy management feature of XFINITY Home. Smart enough to let you "set and forget," it helps you reduce air conditioning and heating costs automatically. EcoSaver works with your XFINITY Home thermostat to help run your home's heating and cooling (HVAC) systems more efficiently

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does EcoSaver cost?
EcoSaver is included with the XFINITY Home - Secure 350 and XFINITY Home - Control 150 tiers of service. XFINITY Home - Secure 300 or XFINITY Home - Control 100 customers who purchase and install an XFINITY Home thermostat can add EcoSaver for $6.95 a month.

How do I get EcoSaver?
If you would like to add XFINITY Home or the EcoSaver feature, just call 1-800-XFINITY. Existing XFINITY Home Secure 350 (formerly Premier) subscribers may call 1-877-790-1907 and select option 1 to opt-in to EcoSaver.

What do I need to run EcoSaver?
EcoSaver requires a subscription to XFINITY Home and an XFINITY Home thermostat.

What is an XFINITY Home thermostat?
Any model of thermostat purchased through Comcast for use with the XFINITY Home system.

How does EcoSaver work?
EcoSaver takes note of your XFINITY Home thermostat schedule, behaviors (e.g. manual temperature adjustments), plus high/low external temperature readings and how long it takes to heat and cool your home. Your XFINITY Home thermostat then communicates with our secure cloud server, and a series of algorithms uses this information to assess how to more efficiently run your heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) system, while keeping in mind your personal preferences to ensure your comfort. After learning and evaluating the temperature conditions in and around your home, EcoSaver automatically adjusts your thermostat settings slightly, throughout the day. These slight adjustments maximize your home’s heating and cooling efficiency to help lower your energy bills. You can easily log into your XFINITY Home Subscriber Portal to view your HVAC performance or “run time” usage reports.

What is run time?
Run time is the number of hours your HVAC system operates before your home reaches the desired temperature. Longer or unnecessary run time can increase energy use and your energy bill. You can view all your energy savings and HVAC run time by the year, month, and day or as a cumulative value in the Subscriber Portal. Run time can vary due to many different factors, including outside temperature, other HVAC units in the home, open windows and changes in your schedule.

Where do I go to review my system’s run time?
Once you’ve subscribed to EcoSaver, first go to your XFINITY Home Subscriber Portal then select EcoSaver Reports under the Thermostat tab or click on the View EcoSaver Reports link below your thermostat information.

When will usage reports be available?
HVAC run time at the hourly, daily and monthly levels are typically available on the subscriber portal within 24 hours. Inside temperature and high/low external temperatures should be available even sooner – often within a few hours.

How long does it take EcoSaver to learn about my HVAC usage?
It takes EcoSaver approximately 30 days to learn your home’s heating and cooling patterns.

Could EcoSaver’s learning period go beyond 30 days?
In conditions like mild weather or minimal HVAC use, observable activity may be too small to give EcoSaver enough data to manage your home efficiently. It may need additional learning time.

When can I start to see my energy savings?
Once EcoSaver’s initial 30-day learning period ends, you can view your first energy savings report by clicking on the View EcoSaver Reports link in your XFINITY Home Subscriber Portal. After that, an estimate of your monthly energy savings resulting from EcoSaver is reported on the third of each month for the prior month.

Can I override the EcoSaver adjustments?
Yes. You can manually adjust the temperature any time through your XFINITY Home Thermostat, Subscriber Portal, TouchScreen or mobile app. You can also activate the Hold option with your desired settings to permanently override EcoSaver until the hold is turned off.

Note: Activating Hold will also prevent your XFINITY Home Thermostat schedule from making temperature changes until the hold is disabled.

Will overriding EcoSaver’s actions affect my energy savings?
Yes. EcoSaver will learn from your manual overrides and make smaller adjustments to your thermostat that can result in less energy savings. Activating Hold will override EcoSaver altogether and prevent EcoSaver from generating energy savings until the hold is turned off.

Do I need to do anything to my XFINITY Home Thermostat before using EcoSaver?
To help EcoSaver learn how to manage your home, make sure you eliminate any possible system conflicts by deleting any existing schedule rules that tell your thermostat what time to turn on or off. Next, use the XFINITY Home Thermostat Scheduler on your Subscriber Portal to set up a schedule that matches your heating and cooling preferences. You can make changes to your schedule or manually change the temperature at any time. EcoSaver will learn from your adjustments.

Can I set a limit for my system – for example, can I set a maximum or minimum temperature?
No. The only limits are that of the thermostat itself. If you find that you’re uncomfortable, simply adjust your thermostat at will. EcoSaver will learn your preferences and adapt.

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