Support XFINITY Home Adding EcoSaver to Your XFINITY Home Service


EcoSaver is a powerful new energy management feature of XFINITY Home that works with your XFINITY Home thermostat to help run your home's heating and cooling (HVAC) systems more efficiently. Read below for details on how to add EcoSaver to your XFINITY Home service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get EcoSaver?
If you would like to add XFINITY Home or the EcoSaver feature, just call 1-800-XFINITY. Existing XFINITY Home - Secure 350 (formerly Premier) subscribers may call 1-877-790-1907 and select option 1 to opt in to EcoSaver.

What do I need to run EcoSaver?
EcoSaver requires a subscription to XFINITY Home and an XFINITY Home thermostat.

What is an XFINITY Home thermostat?
Any model of thermostat purchased through Comcast for use with the XFINITY Home system.

How much does EcoSaver cost?
EcoSaver is included with the XFINITY Home - Secure 350 and XFINITY Home - Control 150 tiers of service. XFINITY Home - Secure 300 customers and XFINITY Home - Control 100 customers who purchase and install an XFINITY Home thermostat can add EcoSaver for $6.95 a month.

Do I need to do anything to my XFINITY Home thermostat before using EcoSaver?
To help EcoSaver learn how to manage your home, make sure you eliminate any possible system conflicts by deleting any existing schedule rules that tell your thermostat what time to turn on or off. Next, use the XFINITY Home Thermostat Scheduler on your Subscriber Portal to set up a schedule that matches your heating and cooling preferences. You can make changes to your schedule or manually change the temperature at any time. EcoSaver will learn from your adjustments.

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