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Learn more about managing the XFINITY Home Thermostat.

To Manage the Thermostat

Home Screen – explanation of icons

Home screen - explanation of icons: Upper left: radio indicator; lower left: target temperature; upper right: increase temperature; lower left: decrease temperature; center: current room temperature

Note: For optimal performance, please ensure the Home screen of your thermostat looks as depicted above, as this will ensure that your thermostat has been placed into "simple mode". If your screen does not resemble the illustration above, please place the thermostat into simple mode by pressing and holding the PROG button on the face of the thermostat for 12 seconds.

Accessing and Managing the Thermostat Functions

Management of the thermostat can occur at the physical device or remotely from the TouchScreen, Subscriber Portal or XFINITY Home Mobile app. Manageable functions include changing the mode between Cool, Heat and Off and changing the Cool or Heat set temperature.  Rules can be set via the Subscriber Portal.
  • From the TouchScreen: From the Home screen, press the Thermostats widget.
  • From the Subscriber Portal: From the Home screen, select the Thermostat tab and click on Thermostats from the menu.
  • From a Mobile Device:

If Your Thermostat Rules are not Working

  1. Confirm your thermostat is in "simple mode"  (see Manage the XFINITY Home Thermostat)
  2. Ensure the rules created in the Subscriber Portal do not overlap or contradict each other.  Verify that two rules were not created for the same time with different actions (e.g., one rule sets the temperature to 69 degrees from 12:00 AM to 12:00 PM Monday-Friday and a second rule sets the temperature to 75 degrees from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Mondays).

If Your Thermostat Temperature is not in Sync with Your Subscriber Portal, TouchScreen, or Mobile Device

If the temperature on your physical thermostat is not in sync with your remote devices (i.e., Subscriber Portal, TouchScreen or mobile device), you will need to restart the thermostat. You can restart by holding down the small, black Reset button under the top cover panel on your thermostat. Resetting the device will not affect the user programs or rules that have been created.

Here is a diagram showing the location of the Reset button:
Diagram of TouchScreen with cover removed to expose Reset button in the top-left section of the TouchScreen

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