Support XFINITY Home Manage the XFINITY Home Thermostat from the Mobile Application


Learn more about managing the XFINITY Home thermostat from the mobile application.

From the iPhone or Android application, you can view the current temperature and manage your thermostat.

You can also:

  • Toggle the thermostat mode (Heat, Cool or Off).
  • Toggle the fan setting (On or Auto).
  • Toggle the hold setting (On or Off).

To Manage the Thermostat

  1. To access your thermostats, scroll down on the XFINITY Home Overview page and tap the Thermostat tile to display the Thermostat Details screen.
    Overview screen displays Thermostat tile among other options.
  2. If there are multiple thermostats, they all will be displayed on the Overview screen. Tap the thermostat name to view the corresponding Thermostat Details screen.
    Overview screen detail showing two thermostat tiles.

    Thermostat Details screen.
  3. The icon beneath the temperature represents the thermostat's current mode: Off, Cool or Heat. Tap it to reveal the other mode buttons and change the mode if you wish.
    The heat, cool and off icons are displayed left to right.
    • Tap the Off button to turn the thermostat off.
      Off button.  This button contains a circle with a diagonal slash through it.
    • Tap the Cool button to set the thermostat to Cool mode.
      Cool button; this button has an image of a snowflake
    • Tap the Heat button to set the thermostat to Heat mode.
      Heat button; this button has the image of a flame
    • Tap the plus (+) and minus (-) signs or drag the set temp marker to adjust the target temperature.
    • Turn on Hold Temp to maintain the current temperature and temporarily disable adjustments from your thermostat schedule and EcoSaver.
    • Turn on Fan for the fan to continuously run, regardless of whether your system is heating or cooling.
      Thermostat Details screen with orange set temp marker at top, EcoSaver leaf at top left, Hold Temp and Fan options at bottom.
  4. If you are an EcoSaver customer and wish to learn more about how EcoSaver can help lower energy bills, tap the EcoSaver "leaf" in the upper left of the screen. Or read Learn More About EcoSaver.

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