Support XFINITY Home Manage the XFINITY Home Thermostats from the Mobile Portal


Learn more about managing the XFINITY Home Thermostat from the Mobile Portal.

To Manage the Thermostat:

Background: From the iPhone application, you can view the current state and measurements of your thermostat.

You can also:

  • Change the Mode to Cool or Heat
  • Change the Cool or Heat set temperature
  1. To access your thermostats, tap Thermostats to display the Thermostats screen:

    xfinity home screen with options for security, cameras, thermostats and lights

  2. This screen will display the current measured temperature, mode and setting displayed for each thermostat:

    thermostats screen
  3. Tap the Thermostat to view the Thermostat screen:

    thermostats screen
    • Tap "off" button to turn off the thermostat.
    • Tap "cool" button to set the thermostat to Cool mode.
    • Tap "heat" button to set the thermostat to Heat mode.
    • Drag the orange bar right or left to change the Heat or Cool temperature setting.

      temperature graph

      Note: The bar range for you to control Thermostat temperature settings is:
      • 9-33 degrees Celsius
      • 51-91 degrees Fahrenheit
    • If the thermostat device has a wider range, use the increment buttons in the Thermostat app on your TouchScreen to change the temperature beyond these settings.
    • Tap Settings to view the Settings screen.

      thermostat settings screen
    • Turn on Hold to maintain the Heat/Cool/Off mode and temperature you have set for the device from the iPhone app or Subscriber Portal, and ignore any other programming configured directly on the Thermostat device.
    • Turn on Fan Auto Mode to have the system to only turn on the fan when the Cool/Heat comes on. Turn it off to have the fan run all the time.

      thermostat settings screen with "fan auto mode" option illustrated

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