Support XFINITY Home View the Activity History of Your XFINITY Home System


XFINITY Home puts you in control.

You can view the past activity of your home security system via the Subscriber Portal or the Touch Screen Controller.

If you do not have a Touch Screen Controller, click here.

Note: This FAQ is for all XFINITY Home customers. However, if you live in the Houston, Texas area and you purchased XFINITY Home prior to November 16, 2011, please click here.

From the Subscriber Portal

From the Home screen, you can access the History screen two different ways:

  • Hover over the History tab and select the type of history you want to view.
  • Scroll down the main page to the History quick view section; then click View History at the bottom of the box.

From the Touch Screen Controller

  1. Press the Security widget on the Home page.
  2. Press the History tab on the Security page.

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