Support XFINITY Home XFINITY Home TouchScreen Has Lost Its Network Connection


If your XFINITY Home system or TouchScreen has lost network connectivity or is in offline mode, certain features of your XFINITY Home service may not fully function.

Please follow the steps below to restore your connection as soon as possible. If the below steps do not resolve your issue, please view Troubleshoot Your XFINITY Home for further troubleshooting steps or call us at 1-877-298-0874 to speak with an XFINITY Home Technical Support representative.

Restore your Network Connectivity*

  1. Unplug your XFINITY Home router and wireless router.
  2. Unplug your cable modem. If your modem has a backup battery, remove it.
  3. Wait one minute.
  4. Place your backup battery back into the cable modem, then plug your cable modem back in. Wait for the lights to come back on.
  5. Plug your XFINITY Home router back in and wait for the blue Wi-Fi light to come on.
  6. Plug your wireless router back in.
  7. Go to your TouchScreen.
  8. Select Settings.
  9. Enter Master Code.
  10. Go to Advanced Settings.
  11. Reboot TouchScreen.
    • Select Re-boot Touchscreen.
    • Re-enter your Master Code.
    • Your XFINITY Home TouchScreen will re-boot.
  12. Once everything comes back up, please confirm connectivity using the steps below.
*If the customer has a Wireless Gateway (instead of a cable modem & XFINITY Home router), this should be unplugged and then re-plugged.

Confirm Connectivity

  1. Go to your TouchScreen.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Enter Master Code.
  4. Go to Advanced Settings.
  5. Then Connectivity.
  6. And Test Connectivity.
  7. Select Next.
  8. If you are connected, you should see a green checkmark by Testing Broadband Connectivity.
    TouchScreen Settings screen. Green checkboxes next to "Testing Broadband Connectivity" and "Testing Cellular Connectivity"
If there is no checkmark or if you have any questions, please contact Comcast at 1-877-298-0874 to speak with an XFINITY Home Technical Support representative.

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