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If you’re an XFINITY Internet subscriber, you can access our wireless network (WiFi) through one of our many public hotspots.


XFINITY WiFi is fast, convenient and is included with your monthly data allowance of 250 GB, without any additional fees. You can register up to 20 of your WiFi-enabled devices with our automatic sign-in feature. This eliminates the need to sign in every time you’re on the go.

Troubleshooting tips

Having trouble connecting? Check the following:

  • Your proximity to the WiFi hotspot.*
  • Signal strength being hindered by buildings, trees or other structures in your line of sight.
  • The type of device you’re using.
*Check the hotspot location map to find a hotspot near you. Using your WiFi-enabled device, look at the list of available networks and make sure that you see the network name (SSID) "xfinitywifi". 

If you still can’t get online and are sure that you have your Comcast ID and password correct, it’s possible that we’re having a service issue. Please contact us.

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