Support XFINITY Internet Request and Enter Your Security PIN for XFINITY Connect


The Security PIN lets you access online voice features while protecting your voicemail and call log information. As a new customer, you’ll get your Security PIN through the mail during account set up.

You'll Need a Security PIN for the Following:

  • Logging into My Account for the first time.
  • Accessing voice features and email preferences such as Auto Reply and Auto Forward within XFINITY Connect for the first time.
  • Calling Comcast Customer Service for voice support.

To Request a New Security PIN (Lost PIN):

  1. Log into XFINITY Connect with your primary email address. (Get your primary email address). 
  2. Click the My Account login link from the voice tab message. 
  3. Re-enter your password for security purposes. 
  4. Click the Request your PIN link and your new Security PIN will be sent to your email address on file.
Note: If your account is fewer than 30 days old, you'll receive your Security PIN by USPS mail in five to seven business days.

To Enter or Change a Security PIN

  1. Log in to XFINITY Connect.
  2. Click the My Account login link from the home tab or voice tab message.
  3. Re-enter your password for security purposes.
  4. Enter your Security PIN in the Security PIN field, then select a Security Question from the drop-down and enter your secret answer.
  5. Click Update. You can now access your online voice data.

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