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Once you have wireless networking in your home, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your connection. Older equipment and poor network configuration can slow down the speed of your wireless connection, which means slower downloads, lagging in online games and streaming video, and slower overall Internet performance.

Here are a few common ways to optimize your wireless network speed.

Router Placement

The placement of your router, or your Wireless Gateway 1 (model number TG852G, TG862G, SMCD3DNV or TC8305C) or Wireless Gateway 2 (model number DPC3939), can affect the signal and speed of your connection. For information on home networking and how to set up a home network, see What is Home Networking?. For information on how to troubleshoot your signal, including how to best position your router, see Troubleshooting Your Wireless Network Signal.

Upgrading Your Modem

Comcast provides several levels of Internet service, such as Performance, Blast! and Extreme. You can find your level of service on your billing statement.

Because some older modems can’t adequately support higher levels of Internet service, you may still be accessing the Internet at slower speeds, even if you’ve upgraded your plan. If that’s the case, you’ll want to upgrade your modem to make sure you’re getting the fastest network speeds possible. You can find a list of Comcast-approved modems and their specifications at the DOCSIS Device Information Center.

If you’re a customer who is leasing a modem from Comcast, you can upgrade your modem free of charge. Find out more about upgrading your equipment.

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