Support XFINITY Internet Set Up Parental Controls with Comcast Networking


Your family may share the same home computer network, and you may not want your children to have access to the Internet 24/7 or have access to certain sites.

Note: This information will work for:

  • Netgear CG814v 1&2
  • Linksys WCG200v 1&2
  • Linksys BEFCMUH4

To set Internet access time limits:

  1. Log on to your router’s administration site.
  2. Click the Select A Computer/Device button to select a computer connected to your home network.
  3. Check the Add button for the computer you want to limit — if you don't see the computer you would like to add, make sure the computer is turned on and click the Refresh button.
  4. In the Day(s) to Block section, check the box next to the day or days you want to limit. In the Time of Day to Block section, choose a Start time (e.g. 2:00 PM) and an End time (e.g. 6:00 PM). This time range will apply to each day you selected for the specific computer.
  5. Click Apply.

To set up website blocking:

  1. Check the Web Site Blocking box to enable the feature.
  2. In the Key Word/Web site field, type in the full website address name ( to block a specific website. To block access to websites that contain a certain word, type in the word in the Key Word/Web site field.
  3. Click Add and the keyword or website address will now appear in the “Block Web sites that contain these key words/Web sites list”.
  4. You can either delete individual entries from the list by clicking the Delete button or clear the entire list by clicking the Clear List button.

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