Support XFINITY Internet Connect a Computer to the Internet


Connect a new computer to the Internet or reinstall XFINITY Internet on an existing computer.

Step 1: Connect your modem

  1. Connect one end of the coaxial cable to the cable wall outlet and the other end to the Cable In/RF IN on the back of the modem.
  2. Connect one end of the ethernet cable to your computer and the other end to the Ethernet outlet on the back of the modem.
  3. Connect one end of the power cord to the electrical outlet and the other end to the Power outlet on the back of the modem.
    Diagram of wiring steps.
Step 2: Install your Ethernet NIC and cable
  1. Turn off and unplug your computer.
  2. Disconnect peripheral devices (such as printer, monitor, and keyboard).
  3. Follow the installation instructions shipped with your Ethernet NIC.
  4. Make sure the coaxial cable is connected to the modem.
  5. Plug into a grounded, surge-protected outlet.
  6. If the cable modem has a power button, turn it on.
  7. Connect your Ethernet NIC to your modem with an Ethernet cable.

Step 3: Run the Installation Software
Check that your computer is ready for high-speed Internet (and set up your email) with XFINITY Installation Wizard.
  1. Launch a web browser and download the installation software.
  2. Run the software and follow the prompts.
  3. Accept the software license agreement and the Comcast Agreement for Residential Services.
  4. Choose a username for access to the website and to your email. (For example, if you choose the username "sample," you'll log on to with the username "sample," and your email address will be .)
  5. If you're a Windows user, download additional features to complete the installation.

Having Trouble?
  • Try restoring your connection
  • Check that your power strip is turned on and all cables are securely connected.
  • Unplug your modem for two minutes. When plugging it back in, wait for its lights to come back on before testing your connection.
  • If you have XFINITY Voice service and are using an eMTA modem, press the reset button on the back of the unit with a non-metallic pointed object. When the unit's lights come back on, re-test your connection.
  • Connect the Ethernet cable directly to your computer (avoiding routers and network devices). If this restores your connection, the issue is likely with your router or configuration.
  • Restart your computer and re-test your connection.

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