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We’re committed to making your Wi-Fi experience as fast, fun and safe as possible. However, for the most secure online experience possible, be safe and smart by following some of our suggestions.

All About XFINITY WiFi

Whenever you log in, we help protect your privacy and the safety of your Comcast ID and password by providing 128-bit encryption on the sign-in page. This is the same standard used by thousands of online banking and financial services sites around the world to protect your critical transactions. Once you’re signed in, you can use XFINITY WiFi for up to two hours without having to sign in again. After 20 minutes of inactivity, you’ll be automatically logged off.

In order for you to protect your computer, we suggest the following:

  • Use a firewall and an anti-virus program such as Constant Guard, the most comprehensive suite of online protection - included with XFINITY Internet at no extra cost ($360 value).
  • Turn off file sharing when using your computer or handheld on a network, at home, or on the road.
  • Keep your anti-virus programs up to date, and perform regular system scans to detect any problems early.
Having connectivity issues with XFINITY WiFi while on the go? It’s important to remember that XFINITY WiFi coverage is more localized — available only in XFINITY WiFi hotspots.

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