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Learn how to set up Call Trace and protect yourself from caller harassment.

How it works

Our security feature, Call Trace, protects you against harassment from another caller, by tracing their number. This information will be available only to law enforcement officials with either a valid subpoena or another valid legal authorization.

To use Call Trace:

Follow the steps below to perform a Call Trace for XFINITY Voice. 

  1. If the customer receives a harassing call: Hang up, wait 10 seconds, and then dial *57
  2. If the call was life threatening, or there is some other emergency, contact law enforcement immediately by dialing 911.
  3. If the call did not rise to the level of an emergency, contact local law enforcement on the local non-emergency telephone number to file a report or chat with us for further assistance.
  4. Then call the Comcast Legal Response Center at 1-866-947-8572.
  5. The Comcast Legal Response Center will require the following information from the customer:
    • Police Department case/report number
    • Officer’s name
    • Customer’s Name
    • Caller’s Name
    • Telephone number that is being called and number calling
  6. The Comcast Legal Response Center will complete a Call Trace report and fax the report to the local police department to add to the case/report file.
  • Unlike most other features, a Call Trace is automatically provisioned on all telephone lines, including lines without other features.
  • Unfortunately, not all traces are successful. The customer will be informed of whether the trace was successful or not at the time they activate the feature.
  • To maximize the chances of success, the trace should be made as soon as possible after the offensive call was received.
  • If the customer wishes to get the number of the last person who called them, they should use Call Return instead.

Note: Don’t wait to use Call Trace - it only works on the last incoming call.

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