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Use the XFINITY Connect app to make outgoing calls with your home phone number. Use up to four additional personal phone numbers, provided by Comcast, for you and your family to make outgoing calls and use the Advanced Call Forwarding service.

Details about the XFINITY Connect app can be found here.

How to Activate Voice 2go

  1. Download the XFINITY Connect app from the Google Play store or iTunes
  2. Tap the Call button on the bottom tray of the XFINITY Connect app to bring up the Voice 2go Sign Up window. If you dismiss the prompt to enable Voice 2go, you can bring it back at any time by tapping the Call button again.
    A voice to go sign up screen with buttons marked cancel and sign up is displayed
  3. Tap Sign Up.
  4. After signing up, you will have the option to activate both Inbound and Outbound calls.
    The screen displays step one of three, which has a no thanks button and an activate button for inbound calls

    The screen displays step two of three, which has a no thanks button and an activate button for outbound calls
  5. Read the Terms and Conditions, then press Accept.
    The screen displays step three of three, which has a decline button and an accept button for terms and conditions
  6. On the confirmation screen, the blue text will appear contextually depending on your choice to activate Inbound calls, Outbound calls, or both.
    The voice to go congratulations screen summarizes the customer's selections for inbound and outbound calls and includes a message that it may take several minutes to complete the activation 

Voice 2go Platform Upgrades

If you haven’t already done so, you may need to upgrade your XFINITY Voice service in order to activate the features associated with Voice 2go. If an upgrade is necessary, you will receive additional notifications when signing up for Voice 2go via the XFINITY Connect app. Please note that during the first part of the upgrade and activation process, your home phone service will be temporarily unavailable. Once completed, your modem will automatically reset to apply Voice 2go correctly.
A sign up screen for voice to go displays a cancel button and a sign up button

A screen informs customers that Xfinity voice service will not be available during the activation of voice to go and that the process routinely takes four to eight minutes but could take as long as twenty minutes

A thank you message tells the customer that the upgrade is almost done and may take up to thirty minutes to complete

Tapping the Call button during the upgrade process will bring you to a pending status screen.
A screen marked account pending has a reminder that the upgrade may take up to thirty minutes to complete along with a message thanking the customer for being patient

Once the upgrade is complete, you will be redirected to accept Inbound calls, Outbound calls and the Terms of Service.

Modem Replacement

If an upgrade to your XFINITY Voice service is necessary to activate Voice 2go, it may also be determined that you will need to upgrade your modem as well. If so, you will be given the option to replace your modem for free via live chat or by calling 855-242-3693.
A message on an Xfinity voice screen states that we need to upgrade your modem before voice to go can be activated

Local With More Customers

If you are currently a Local With More subscriber, you will need to upgrade to XFINITY Voice Unlimited in order to be eligible for Voice 2go. However, you are still able to opt-in for Text Messaging free of charge.
A message states that you are eligible for text messaging only at no extra charge with cancel and sign up buttons at the bottom of the screen

Creating a Personal Phone Number for use with Voice 2go

How to activate Voice 2go on personal telephone numbers

  1. Go to and click on My Account.
  2. Sign in with your primary Comcast ID and password.
  3. Select the Users & Settings tab.
  4. Click on the Email & Voice Settings tab.
  5. Click on Voice 2go under Additional Voice Features in the Voice settings section.
  6. Click Add Personal Phone Numbers and follow the Add Personal Phone Number wizard.
We will notify you by email when Voice 2go service is activated on your personal telephone numbers. When you receive the email, if you have not already done so, please follow the steps below in order to use the service:
  1. Click here and sign in with your username and password to set up Advanced Call Forwarding in XFINITY Connect.
  2. Download the XFINITY Connect app and login using your Comcast ID and password to start making calls using your home phone number.

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