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Your XFINITY Voice service features Call Waiting – so you won’t have to worry about missing an important call while enjoying a conversation on the phone.

How It Works

When someone calls while you’re already on the phone, you’ll hear a Call Waiting tone. If you want to answer the second call, simply put the first call on hold. And if you don’t want to answer the second call, ignore it. You can also temporarily cancel Call Waiting so that you won’t be disturbed during important calls. Incoming calls will be forwarded directly to your voicemail. Call Waiting will automatically be restored the next time you pick up your phone.

To Use Call Waiting:

  1. When you hear the Call Waiting tone, press and release the switchhook or flash button.
  2. Your first call will be placed on hold, and your second call will be on the line.
  3. You can go between the two calls as often as you'd like by pressing and releasing the switchhook or flash button. Each conversation is private, and won’t be heard by the other party.
  4. To end the first call and answer the second, simply hang up. Your phone will ring and the second caller will be on the line.
  5. You can end either the first or the second call by having the caller just hang up.

To Temporarily Cancel Call Waiting:

  1. Lift the receiver and listen for the dial tone.
  2. Press *70.
  3. Call Waiting is cancelled for the current call only.

Note: Call Waiting can interfere with fax calls and dial-up connections to the Internet.

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