Support XFINITY Voice Directory Assistance


Directory Assistance gives you fast access to local, long-distance and international numbers that haven’t been marked private. You can also use Directory Assistance Call Completion to connect your call, with the push of a button.

Benefits of Directory Assistance

  • Find the number for a residence, business or government agency — without having to look it up.
  • See what’s playing at your local theater, and get show times and ratings.
  • Get turn-by-turn directions to any destination from a live operator.
  • Get the name of the nearest cross street for any listing you want.

How to use Directory Assistance

Simply dial 411 to connect to directory assistance.

How to use Directory Assistance Call Completion

After dialing 411 to find either a local or long-distance number, press the indicated key when prompted and your call will be connected.

Directory Assistance Charges

Directory assistance calls are charged on a per-use basis. You’ll receive charges when:

  • You place a call through directory assistance and request a call completion. You’ll be charged the standard rate for directory assistance call. This charge will appear in the Directory Assistance Call Completion section of your bill.
  • The call is long distance. You’ll be charged the standard rate of $.05 per minute. This charge will appear in the Domestic Long Distance section of your bill.
If you have more questions about pricing, please chat with us.

About XFINITY Voice Directory Assistance Program for Disabled Customers

If you’re an XFINITY Voice subscriber and are unable to use a telephone directory because of a visual or physical disability, you may qualify for an exemption from XFINITY Voice Directory Assistance charges. 


To qualify for an exemption from certain directory assistance charges, you must be:

  • An XFINITY Voice subscriber.
  • Certified in writing by a licensed physician or optometrist, or by an approved private, federal, or state agency, as being unable to use a telephone directory due to visual or physical disability. 


Certified XFINITY Voice subscribers will receive the following:

  • Waiver of directory assistance charges for calls to XFINITY Voice local, intrastate and interstate directory assistance calls within the 50 United States, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) and Guam.
  • Waiver of charges for XFINITY Voice directory assistance call completion (DACC) within the 50 United States, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands. Waiver of the directory assistance call completion charge includes the set-up fee, but not the connected call. 

Please note that we reserve the right to require periodic recertification of a subscriber's visual and physical disability. We also reserve the right to modify, amend, or terminate the XFINITY Voice Directory Assistance program based on future regulations and/or guidance on this issue from the Federal Communications Commission or other governmental and quasi-governmental agencies. 

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