Support XFINITY Apps Download or Stream Content with the XFINITY TV Go App for Android Devices


This article shows you how to use the content stream, download and Live TV features of the XFINITY TV Go app for Android devices.

Search, Browse, Download

  1. Search and Browse:
    • Search/browse through Featured content, TV Shows or Movies.
    • Tapping Filters categorizes TV Series content by Genre, Network, Titles A-Z, Subscription Only and Available for Download.
      The Features screen in the XFINITY TV Go app for Android devices.
  2. Play and Download:
    • Tap Play to start streaming now over Wi-Fi or a cellular network.
    • Tap Download to copy a program to your device. (Choose HD or SD and download over Wi-Fi or use a cellular network.)
      A TV listing showing options to Play or Download in the XFINITY TV Go app for Android devices.
  3. Download in Progress: Download status is displayed, including file size. Once download is completed, the program is available to watch offline!
    A TV listing with download in progress in the XFINITY TV Go app for Android devices.
  4. Download Complete: The expiration date indicates how long your downloaded program is available for play. There is no need to be online once download has completed!
    A downloaded TV episode showing a download-expiry date in the XFINITY TV Go app for Android devices.
  5. Downloads Page: Downloaded movies and shows are stored on the Downloads page. No connection needed to access!
    The Download Manager screen in the XFINITY TV Go app for Android devices.
  6. Manage Download Devices: Manage devices using the Download feature.
    • Note: Only 3 devices per account can use this feature.
    • The Remove a device option will delete all downloads from that device.

Video Playback and Controls

During the video playback session you can see:

  • Title of the asset
  • Whether the asset is a TV show or Movie
  • Season number and episode number
  • Year
  • Rating
  • XFINITY On Demand Listings: To discover other videos to watch while the video is playing
  • Scrubber controls: Tap the screen to pause, play, fast forward or rewind the video
    Playback controls in the XFINITY TV Go app for Android devices.

Closed Captioning

Closed Captioning can be toggled on/off if it is available on the video being played. The caption box icon is tapped to turn on the closed captions/subtitles.

Live TV Streaming - New Feature

The Live tab will allow you to stream live TV from our Online TV Through Partner Sites within the app. An XFINITY TV subscription will be required to stream live TV content.
The Live tab in the XFINITY TV Go app for Android devices.

Bookmarks and History

The XFINITY TV Go app provides 2 easy ways to access favorite video titles with Bookmarks and History features. You can bookmark titles you are interested in viewing later and access them from any screen in the app. The History section tracks the last 10 titles that have been viewed.

Bookmarks: Here you can collect the videos that you want to enjoy at a later date. It creates a playlist of the videos that you mark with the bookmark flag.

History: The section of the app that collects videos that have been started and/or finished. The History section also remembers your resume point in the video so that you can pause and pick up later right where you left off.


The XFINITY TV Go app can be configured in the Settings section of the app. You can access settings from any screen by tapping the gear/cog icon.

Settings includes:

  • Parental Controls*
  • Manage Download Devices
  • Feedback
  • About
  • Applications
  • Sign Out

*Parental Controls
The Parental Controls feature ensures that content is age-appropriate for all the members of a household. You can engage and manage Parental Controls in the XFINITY TV Go app as well as online at Once Parental Controls are enabled in Settings, you will be required to enter a PIN before watching locked content. If you wish to change the Parental Controls settings online, please visit

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