Support XFINITY TV X1 Platform from XFINITY Device Settings Menu


The Device Settings menu on the X1 Platform from XFINITY set-top box is where you can change your equipment preferences, such as your screen saver, device light brightness, Power Save options, etc. Please read below for more information.

Access Device Settings Menu

To access the Device Settings menu:

  1. Highlight settings (the gear icon) Gear icon from the Main menu.
  2. Press OK/Select on the remote control.
  3. Highlight Device Settings and press OK/Select on the remote control.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions.
    Device settings screen 

Device Settings Menu Options

 Options under Device Settings include:

  • Closed Captioning: Turns Closed Captioning on/off and allows you to set closed captioning display options.
  • Video Display - The options under Video Display include:
    • Zoom to magnify all programming to full screen.
    • Set Output Resolution for HD and SD TV screens.
  • Audio - The options under Audio Mode include:
    • Change Language (also known as Secondary Audio Program or SAP):
      • Use the right arrow to scroll over to the drop-down box and press OK.
      • Select the language of choice (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese).
      • Click OK to change to the selected language.
    • Set to Stereo or Surround Sound mode.
      • Use the right arrow to scroll over to the drop-down box and press OK.
      • Select the audio mode and press OK.
  • Screen Saver: This section allows you to set the Screen Saver and Power Save timer options.
    • Screen Saver: The Screen Saver is a slideshow of images that appear in full screen and in the background when the screen saver start time settings are turned on. Every five minutes, the date in the modules refreshes with the latest information for News, Sports, Weather and Traffic. There is a choice of four screen saver start timer settings. Or you can turn the screen saver off. There is no choice of screen savers and the screen saver data will be tied to your ZIP code, where applicable.
    • Power Save Settings: When you are not actively using your set-top box, the device can be configured to go into a lower-power consumption mode (sleep mode) to lower energy costs. The Power Save default is automatically set to OFF.
      • Power Save does not affect scheduled recordings on DVR–capable devices.
      • You will receive a one-minute warning before the set-top box powers into Power Save mode.
      • When returning from the Power Save mode to the On mode, the set-top box tunes to the channel that was last playing, in full screen.
    •  If you have additional questions about Power Save, please see Power Save Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Device name: You can give each set-top box on your account a unique name. You can choose from a list of preset names, e.g., Living Room or Master Bedroom or you can set a custom name, up to 15 characters long. 
    Device settings page. "Name your set-top box" option

    You can then use this unique name(s) to control your TV using your XFINITY TV account on your computer or mobile device. You can also enter the name at the Comcast website at or use the XFINITY TV Remote app (Settings> TV Names).
  • Device Lights: Adjust the Power Lights and Display/Clock Light brightness. The brightness levels range from 1-10, with 10 being the brightest. There is also an OFF option.
  • Device Restart: Execute a Device Restart to shut down or restart the set-top box. 

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