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The Saved section of the new guide on the X1 Platform from XFINITY not only holds your DVR content, but also personalized content, including:

For You

The For You section displays TV shows and movies that have been recently recorded or watched, as well as recommendations based on titles that you have recently viewed. Recently Watched displays your last 100 programs and resume points for the past year, which includes your recently recorded and viewed programs, as well as current rentals, and more!

Just Recorded

The Just Recorded row displays content that was recently recorded and includes options to Resume, Start Over, Delete, view Options or Mark Unwatched. Choosing to delete content will remove it both from the Just Recorded row and your DVR.
The Mark Unwatched option is selected under content displayed in the Just Recorded row.

Recently Watched

The Recently Watched row displays content that was recently viewed, and includes the options to Resume, Start Over, Mark Unwatched or view Series Info. Marking content as unwatched will remove it from the Recently Watched row.
The Mark Unwatched option is selected under content displayed in the Recently Watched row.

The For You section also provides personalized viewing recommendations, based on the XFINITY On Demand movies and TV shows you’ve recently viewed. Please note that recommendations may not appear if you have not recently viewed content on the set-top box you are using. In addition, you can turn off personalized recommendations by navigating to Settings > Preferences > General from the Main Menu and turning off Display ‘Because You Watched’ Recommendations.


The Favorites section is a shortcut to the movies, programs, series, teams, or personalities that you have selected as Favorites. You can highlight a favorite from your list and press OK to see options to watch, see the Episode Guide, More Like This or more information.
Content in the Favorites section is displayed.

To add a Favorite, locate your desired content by browsing the XFINITY On Demand menu or by using the search feature. Once you have located the desired content page, highlight Favorite and press OK on your remote. Your selected content will now be added as a Favorite.
The Favorite button is selected from the options available beside a program.

Biographical content about an actress is displayed.

To remove a favorite, highlight it in the Favorites menu and select Remove Favorite.


The Purchases section contains movies and TV shows that you have purchased through XFINITY On Demand.
The purchases section is displayed.

For more information, please see XFINITY On Demand Purchases - Equipment Requirements and FAQs.

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