Support XFINITY Internet Commonly Used Screen Reader Website Navigation Hotkeys


Comcast supports the use of the JAWS, NVDA and VoiceOver screen readers for assistance navigating web resources. This list of commonly used keystrokes/hotkeys is provided to assist screen reader users.

JAWS (Job Access with Speech)

List of commonly used keystrokes/hotkeys in JAWS:

  • ESC - Returns the cursor to the initial page landing point
  • Tab - Moves to the next element
  • Shift+Tab - Moves to the previous element
  • Ctrl+Tab - Moves from one frame to the next
  • Ctrl+Shift+Tab - Moves to previous frame
  • Ins+F5 - Brings up a list of form elements
  • Ins+F6 - Brings up a list of headings on a page
  • Ins+F7 - Brings up a list of links on a page
  • Ins+F9 - Brings up a list of frames on a page
  • Ctrl+Space - Right click - as to open a dialog box

NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access)

NVDA is a user selectable preset; can be Caps Lock, Ins key, or a combination of these keys:

  • Tab - Moves to the next link/form element
  • Shift+Tab - Moves to the previous element
  • Alt+F4 - Closes the current window
  • NVDA+T - Announces the title of the current foreground window.
  • NVDA+B - Reads the entire foreground window, helpful for reading dialog boxes
  • NVDA+F7 - Elements list. Includes links, headings, and landmarks
  • F - Enters a form field
  • K - Moves to next link
  • G - Moves to next image or graphic
  • Ctrl+Home - Navigates to the top of a page
  • App - Application key located between the right Windows key and the right Ctrl key on a keyboard, brings up the context menu, which is equivalent of right clicking with mouse
  • Ctrl+Alt+N - Restart NVDA

Apple VoiceOver

VO refers to the VoiceOver Keys - Control+Option

  • VO-K - Turn on VoiceOver Keyboard help
  • Escape - Return to the previous screen, or turn off VoiceOver help
  • VO-A - Read all, starting from the current position
  • VO-B - Read from the top
  • VO-D - Opens the Dock
  • VO-M - Move to the top Menu bar
  • VO-H - Help menu
  • VO-I - Lists items
  • VO-U - List the links (URLs) on a web page
  • VO-Right or Left Arrow - Move to the next or previous item
  • VO-Spacebar - Enable a selected item, as in a mouse click
  • VO-Shift-Down or Up Arrow - Start or stop interacting with selection
  • VO-Shift-Left or Right Arrow - Move to previous character or next character
  • VO-Command-M - Move to next frame in website

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